Sunday, March 27, 2022

Okay, this takes chutzpah

We got a letter in this week's mail from a "land company" out of Seattle offering to purchase a portion of our property from us (our new homestead consists of two smaller adjacent parcels rather than one chunk of land – their offer was for the undeveloped pasture).

The undeveloped parcel is about 3.75 acres. For this, the land company is willing to pay the curiously precise sum of $22,520.38. Never mind that I've seen similar undeveloped acreage in our area for sale at ten times that amount.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not reading too much into this "offer." I fully realize it's a generic shoot-from-the-hip phishing letter. But the "chutzpah," in my opinion, was the enclosed Purchase Agreement.

Hey presto, all we had to do was fill in the form to get the ball rolling! What could possibly go wrong?

I guess what amazes me is how anyone can fall for this. Yet they must, or the company wouldn't send out phishing letters like this.

P.T. Barnum allegedly said there's a sucker born every minute. Maybe he's right.


  1. I am not surprised Patrice. Even in our urban neighborhoods, we are constantly getting letters for "all cash offers".

  2. That is not a lot of money. I was offered almost twice that much for 1/3 acre lot. While I don't know a lot about land prices, even I know that is not much. Do you think they are going to subdivide it into lots and build spec homes? Tommy gets offers for his house about once a month.

  3. I've been a licensed Realtor in Idaho for more than 20 years. I get offers in the mail or via phone weekly from local and out of state developers wanting to purchase our land. Always ridiculously low offers. I know what land values are in SW Idaho, and their offers aren't even close. I suppose they must find success occasionally or they wouldn't keep trying.

  4. We received the same type of offer on our front 10 acre parcel in SW Idaho with a contract price of $115,xxx.xx. Don't remember the exact amount or name of the company. We ROFL'd. Maybe would consider per acre but not all 10.

  5. *sigh* We couldn't replace our pasture for $100,000 per acre because everybody in the northeast is fighting to move here. We get "offers" for our property with a large workshop, two livestock barns, two 20 x 20 storage buildings, a 2-stall stable, and a 3,000 square foot house that are less than what 2 acres of raw land would cost.

  6. desperate times… it’s sad to think some might see this as an ‘only option’.