Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Spares are good!

Back in September of last year, I put up a post on the subject of eyeglasses, and how my eight-year-old glasses were finally too scratched to be worn. I've been wearing my backup pair ever since.

But you, dear readers, gently scolded me for going eight years without a checkup. I knew you all were right, so last month I took myself to the optometrist and had a thorough checkup (including for glaucoma).

At that time I also sprang for a new pair of lenses. Hmmm, decisions decisions....

Interestingly, after looking over every frame as well as other frames the technician pulled out of drawers for my perusal, I went with literally the first pair I picked up.

Also, I made sure to get my prescription. Older Daughter knows how to measure pupillary distance, so next time she visits, I'll enlist her aid and order a couple extra (and cheaper) pairs online. What are your suggestions for the best online sources for prescription eyeglasses?

Meanwhile, spares are good. I'm glad to have an extra pair of glasses. I can't see without them.


  1. Zenni Optical hands down. Make sure your arms on the glasses are long enough and for sure know your pupillary distance. 60 bucks can get you the kind of lenses that darken in the sun, don't do the name brand, that is crazy expensive. You can even upload a photo and see what you look like with them. I'm embarrased to say how many pair I have, but I am set when the world ends. I may just open my own optical shop at that time! HA

  2. I agree. I've had several pairs from Zenni and they were great.

  3. My daughter loves Zenni.

  4. Zinni is the best I have bifocals they were sixty dollars including postage

  5. Zenni optical is great. If you have different glasses (DISTANCE, COMPUTER,READING) consider different frame styles for each so you keep them straight.

  6. I have been really happy with Payne glasses. https://www.payneglasses.com/