Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, dear readers!

We woke up to a whole bunch of fresh new snow on the last day of 2021.

It was very much a winter wonderland.

The rails on the porch, which are covered by the porch roof, got about three inches (elsewhere, we got about six).

I liked how the Christmas lights glowed through the snow.

The bird feeder was unbelievably popular. I think I've created a monster situation with these birds.

Lots of juncos.

And a few fat quail.

While Don pushed snow with the tractor...

...I leashed up Mr. Darcy and took him on his morning walk.

As I stopped talk with a neighbor, a bald eagle landed on a tree behind her.

It's always a privilege to see these birds. (And another reason I try to never leave home without my camera.)

The sun was kinda bleary.

This morning – New Year's Day – we woke up to a decidedly brisk 2F.

Even Mr. Darcy didn't seem too inclined to leave his bed.

He did, however, condescend to go on a morning walk. We saw lots of deer trails across the way.

If the forecast is accurate, we could see another 11 inches or so of snow this upcoming week.

Such is winter.

Let's pray that 2022 is an improvement over 2020 and 2021!


  1. Two degrees - above? Enjoy it! We were -23F this brisk morning! Happy New Year to all the Lewis family near and far!!

  2. Florida is above average in the 80s - but a cool front is coming through and for a second we will experience a high under 70 (66 predicted on Monday, with a low of 52 overnight Sunday into Monday) - and then we will return to highs in the 70s. Sunshine and low humidity will accompany most of that period - chance of T-storms Sunday night along with a front.

    This weather is why I left the mid-Atlantic region. :-)

  3. Beautiful pictures! My favorite way to enjoy cold, wet, winter wonderland! Thank you for sharing!

    Wow at the birds! Feeders are so handy on a porch or deck until you have to deal with all their poo. They're loving the food but shelter as well.
    A good winter indoor activity is to smear peanut butter inside pine cones and roll them in birdseed. Then decorate a tree or random branches with these ornaments. They need to be spaced out somewhat because birds will fight over them.
    You take so many bird pictures you've got me wanting to subscribe to Birds and Blooms. They have a lot of photo contests and you'd have some wins, hands down if you ever entered.
    Oh gosh. I'm turning into my mother wanting to subscribe to her magazines.