Thursday, September 2, 2021

World's best meatballs

At our old home, during our weekly potlucks, one of the neighbors was known for her meatballs. Of all the delicious food we've had over the many years our potluck took place, this woman's meatballs were hands-down my favorite meal.

I found her recipe the other day and decided to make them. Here are the ingredients:


• 2 lbs. hamburger

• 1.5 lbs. pork sausage

• 1 box Stovetop stuffing (I used the generic version)

• 2 eggs


• 1 large (15 oz.) can condensed cream of celery soup

• 2 large (15 oz.) cans condensed cream of mushroom soup

The meat is mixed and formed into meatballs, then baked at 350F for 20 minutes. Add the soup (undiluted) to the crock pot (slow cooker), stir in the cooked meatballs, and simmer in the crock pot for two hours.

I decided to double the recipe, since I could freeze the extras. Here the ground beef and pork are already in the bowl, with the other ingredients arranged behind.

Add the stuffing mix and the eggs.

Mix. No escaping it, it has to be mixed with hands.

I took out all my baking sheets and started forming meatballs.

First batch (80 meatballs), cooked.

While the second batch baked, I emptied the soup into the crock pot.

Mix everything and put it on heat.

A few hours later, it was ready.

I gotta admit, the meatballs themselves are pretty basic. But combine it with the condensed soup, and it's like ambrosia. Don and I ate off these for a week.


  1. How big are the meatballs?

    1. It's up to you. Maybe 1.5 inches across...?

      - Patrice

  2. OK, I *WAS* hungry. Now I'm famished. See what ya gone done?

  3. That sounds really good. I will have to try it.

  4. Will you tell the size of the soup cans in ounces? The cream of celery cans look like the 15 oz size? The mushroom soup can looks twice the size?

    This recipe looks good for a church dinner !!


  5. BOY-YOY-YOY-YOY-YOINNNNNG! There goes my bathroom scale... Damn...

  6. Oh, that looks delicious. My stomach is growling so much. I am salivating. I was going to have a salad.

  7. You had at me at "meatballs".

    They look delicious!

  8. Ooooooooh, great idea, mix in some bacon....

    Why do I always read this blog when I'm hungry? Do I never learn?

  9. I was tired and out of time, so here's what I did. Mixed up the meat, made half into meatballs, browned in butter in the frying pan. (Because we seemed to be out of oil..) Put the rest of the meat for spagh and meatballs tomorrow.

    Added one can of cream of celery, 10 oz, one of cream of mushroom, 10 oz and simmered while water boiled for the noodles. Thinned the sauce a little bit with a splash of white wine, dumped a little dill on top for color and called it good.

    I originally went into a snobbish thing about not cooking with cans of cream soup, but eventually I thought, "If you'd eat the can of soup, why can't you cook with it?" DUH.

    Recommended even in my speedy version!

  10. I made the meatballs for supper tonight, and they were wonderful! I shared with the neighbors, we have leftovers for tomorrow, and I froze the rest. I think I’ll put them over egg noodles next time. Patrice, thank you for the recipe. ❤️