Monday, September 6, 2021

Unique use for the box truck

Do you remember the 26-foot box truck we bought to help us move?

In mid-July, we sent the box truck away with some friends. It needed some repairs, and the husband (a brilliant mechanic) is just the guy to do it. He had some delays before he could get started on it, but no one is in a rush and the truck is in good hands.

Which is why we howled with laughter when we got an email from these friends yesterday. It seems their daughter was turning 16, and the family decided on a socially distanced outdoor movie party ... using the side of the box truck as a movie screen!

What a perfect venue!


  1. That is ingenious and beats putting up a screen.

  2. This made me smile. 😊 Too many people go overboard with elaborate parties. I love a simple and fun get-together.

  3. I've used walls for that; this is even better.

  4. I'm nosey, anyone know what movie that is?

    1. Man from Snowy River, according to our friends.

      - Patrice