Saturday, May 8, 2021

Weather whiplash, Part II

If you remember, a couple days ago we were expecting some weather whiplash in the form of dramatic temperature swings between Thursday and Friday.

I was marveling at the prediction of a thirty-five degree variance between one day and the next. Well as it turns out, the predictions were off. We had a forty-six degree variance between Thursday and Friday.

Thursday was a sizzling 93F at our place.

By afternoon, we suspended all outdoor work.

Songbirds were lifting their wings and opening their beaks to cool off.

Mr. Darcy stayed flat on his side as much as possible, trying to keep cool.

Clouds moved in by evening and it grew very humid.

Then the thermometer plummeted overnight and we woke up to rain and cool temperatures. The day never warmed up beyond 47F.

Yep, weather whiplash. Not that we mind the cooler temperatures; 93F was just too warm for early May.


  1. I don't know your standard humidity level at your new place during summer but I have two words- Swamp Cooler. $600 from home Depot and worth every nickel in Idaho mountains @ 2500 feet elevation. I rarely get above 93-95 degrees outside but stay in the high 70's inside. Fairly cheap to run vs. air conditioning. Your mileage may vary.

  2. Wow. We have yet to hit 93 in Houston. It's coming of course. Weeks and weeks of soul crushing heat and humidity.

    1. Yes...but the payoff is getting to wear flip flops year round :)

  3. Same here in So. Idaho. In the temp change at night a wind storm went through, tore up another 3 pine trees in the local cemetary (17 gone in a tornado 2 years ago) and the house so dirty I had to "wash" it.

  4. Wow Patrice. We had a week of 70's earlier in April, but temps have been running 10 degrees below normal up here in norther New Hampshire.

  5. You are, without a doubt, a skillful photographer. thanks for the beauty that you share with us. We really enjoy your "how to" articles, though. Will another of those be coming soon?