Friday, May 14, 2021

Dear esteemed customer

Sheesh, do people actually fall for this? I found this in my inbox this morning. What a shame "Mr. Raymond Lee" will "face jail terms" if I don't return the affidavit.


Plot 1611 Oyin, Jolayemi Street Victoria Island, Lagos,Nigeria
Tel: (+234) 807 83 5470
Date: 13Th May,2021

Dear Esteemed Customer:


We had entered the second quarter of the fiscal year 2021 and Senate Ad Hoc Committee of the Federal Republic of Nigeria had mandated our bank to issue a "Disclaimer FORM"  to you thereby terminate your ON-LINE Payments valued US$3,800,000: 00  already scheduled in your Favour as below hence your inability to pay off the outstanding balance fee of US$299 only meant to secure Affidavit of Oath on your behalf which will nullify the claim made on the said fund by one  (Mr. Raymond Lee)  from Orleans, USA. as demanded by law.

Your On-line  account details already set up in your favor:

Welcome! To - FCMBank Online Plc Secure Account Page
Account Name            Account Type
Activate(not yet)               Online Banking Account
Created Opened          Account Balance
2021-05-06              $3,800,000.00 USD
Account Number          FCMB Sort Code
Country                 Name Of Bank
International Money Transfer            Input
               Swift Code PNBPUS33 Account Number 1010169857507

Transfer Current Percent% :  91%Done/Loading....
Hold for Administrative Processing

Out of 100% = 91% Done... = 9% Remaining...
Amount Transferring: $3, 800,000,00USD
Account ID: [ Donation ] A/c Activated ...
[91% Done] Loading... [9% Remaining] Inprogress...

Website:.  ::FCMB Internet Banking - Personal

.::FCMB Internet Banking - PersonalBy Super User

To this effect, our bank is attaching as below, "Disclaimer FORM" for you to fill and send back within the next 24 hrs. if you are not willing to have the said funds transferred to you.   Recall that your payment valued   US$3,800,000 was gazette via On-line in your favor before one Mr. Raymond Lee presented a "POWER OF ATTORNEY" document indicating that you were sick and admitted in a hospital where you have passed on(Dead) of the prevailing COVID-19 Pandemic and as such had made him your NEXT-OF-KIN to claim/have the said funds transferred into his own bank account in USA.

Note:  The claimer (Mr. Raymond Lee) of the said fund will face jail terms if you secure the required Affidavit of Oath which will prove you as the rightful owner of the said funds and that you are still alive indeed.

Kindly Fill the Disclaimer FORM attached therein.


Yours sincerely,

Mr. Adams Nuhu
Chief Executive Director of Foreign Payment.


  1. I often wonder if anyone actually falls for this type of scam . In the past year we have received numerous scam phone calls and the people that make these calls are far more cunning than the letter you received .There is a way to block scammer's if you have a cell phone, but not with a landline like we have .I give no information out and no donations over the phone , Just seems like these people are coming out of the woodwork these days.

  2. You have won the internet lottery...!!!

  3. Yes, people do fall for these scams. During the time I worked at a gas station convenience store (2008-2010) an older man stopped in occasionally to get a drink. He was working as a auto parts delivery driver at age 75 because his wife has answer one of these kinds of emails and lost their entire life savings thinking she would be the recipient of millions from some guy in Africa. It happens!

  4. I don't even waste my time reading junk like this. I toss ASAP.

  5. Hi.. my name is Craig and I usually use Duck Duck Go as my search engine..tonight I tried to read your blog and a big red page popped up and told me I couldn't go to your blog because it was not safe... I tried getting in through some other ways, but it continued to pop up..I switched to Firefox and here I am.. I'm an old geezer and really don't understand the ways of the internet, but I just thought you would want to know. I enjoy your writing, thank you very much.

  6. Our local newspaper recently had a 'legal notice' rum for 3 days with a much shortened version of your e-mail. Couldn't figure out what it meant nor why the paper published it. Waiting for letters to the editor from people who responded.

  7. It’s never ending in the scam world. Guess if it didn’t work from time to time, they would stop fishing. Sad that there are folks who fall for the bologna! Thanks for the share!

  8. It's a good reminder to talk with our older folks and let them know NEVER give info over the phone or computer. I know of three older gals who fell for scams (2 phone/1 computer) and loss thousands. My 89 year old mom and I talk about all the "funny calls" she gets. Let just say, her "Christian values" don't came through and the caller gets an ear full.