Monday, December 7, 2020

Welcome to Frost Hill

The little 1926 bungalow we're temporarily renting is on a north-facing hillside overlooking the town. It -- literally -- never defrosts. We've had days as warm as 43F, and still the frost never melts. It's rather amazing.

So this afternoon, in taking Mr. Darcy for his walk, I brought my camera along. Welcome to Frost Hill, as we're calling it.

This is the roadside directly across from us. This isn't snow, it's frost. Like a glacier, it just adds to itself and thickens day by day.

Some last-remaining oak leaves on the tree in our yard.

The only sun we see is high in the trees on the streets higher than we are.

It seems like every last bit of vegetation was lined with frost. Granted, today it never broke freezing, so I guess a bit more frost than normal is understandable.

Many of the hillsides around town have the papery seed-pod remains of this plant. I feel like I should know what it is, and just can't place it. Anyone know?

I usually take Mr. Darcy up to a tiny city park at the top of the hill.

The grass is littered with oak and maple leaves, something of a novelty in coniferous Idaho. I get to do what I haven't really done since I was a kid in western New York State: kick through the leaves. Yes, it's fun.

There are times Mr. Darcy just blends in too.

At the edge of the park is a gnarled old apple tree, with one branch wrapping around the trunk. Darcy will often pick up a frozen apple and gnaw on it for a bit.

Last peek of the sun before it sets for the day.

On the way home I pass this little cage connected to a door via a wire tunnel to provide outdoor access for some sort of pet. Cat? Rabbit? Parrot? Who can say?

This neighborhood is nice enough for a temporary place, but we're in limbo here. I'm looking forward to moving ahead.


  1. That's called honesty or lunaria

  2. Isn't it Lunaria (money plant)?

  3. Your little pods look like "Silver Dollar Plant" - Lunaria. Looks kind of like short Fireweed when it's in bloom :D

  4. Another killer mast head photo! Thanks, and good luck with the rest of the move.

  5. I LOVE the photos the hanging frosted oak leaves! And that's "Honesty" that you were asking about, yes. We have a lot of it here in MI. I think it's real name is Lunaria.

  6. Patrice, my guess is the small tent-like structure is a "catio". These are in vogue right now, a small confined areas that cats (and small dogs) can use without having to let them out.

  7. It's so neat to be able to read blogs and see how differently folks live in other parts of the country. December where you are looks NOTHING like December here in Florida!

  8. Love the photos! I know what you mean about crunching through the leaves!!! One of my favorite things, too!

  9. ID has a lot of coniferous trees - amazing trees! - but come fall, I was really amazed at the gorgeous colors of the deciduous trees around... Then again, there may be more of them "in town" - CdA, Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry, Moscow... Never spent much time in Moscow, but do remember the piles and piles of leaves there...


  10. My first thought was silver dollar plant. I see others agree.

  11. I love those seeds for dried arrangements - they are beautiful! So jealous!!