Friday, December 11, 2020

Another thing that made me smile

I just saw this headline and it made me SMILE!

Dave Ramsey’s Company Pays Off $10 Million in Debt for 8,000 People to ‘Show the Love of Jesus’ 


Wow. Just wow.

I'm a great admirer of Dave Ramsey, and this just cemented it. What an incredible Christmas present to a lot of people.


  1. Wow is right, what a wonderful gift from his company. It's was nice to see a good report with so much sad news now. Thanks for sharing. Jo

  2. How kind! I can’t believe that this is the first time I have heard of this honorable man. I am definitely going to see that I learn more of him.

    Jenny Doe

  3. Wonderful, and not terribly surprising, knowing what I know of Dave Ramsey.

    That said, this will get about zero play in the "real" world...

  4. What a blessing for so many. He is a good man. I've read his books and the advice is good but hard to do much when you don't have much.

  5. I am progressive Democrat and I LOVE DAVE RAMSEY!! He has helped so many people and walks the walk in these questionable times of grief and suffering. Merry Christmas, Dave!!!!! The "real" world does notice you........J

  6. Been listening to Dave Ramsey for a lot of years. As he puts it, he had done that and has the tee-shirt to prove it. He also proves that you can hit bottom and work your way back up.

    I agree that the "real' world will ignore this. After all, can't give credit since he talks sense, believes in personal responsibility and he is an obvious Christian.

    kathy in MS

  7. Love Dave Ramsey and his show....I finally was able to leave a message a year after my hubby died and said I'm debt free afer I paid off our line of credit that was attached to our mortgage as a second mortgage...Now all I owe is the rest of my mortgage(which I see more as monthly rent)which is like renting...Oh well...So glad that people had help getting debt free...Awesome...