Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Winter's a-coming!

 Whoo-whee, do we have a cold snap on the way!

Not only is nearly seven inches of snow predicted for Friday, but then temperatures absolutely plunge to 1F late Sunday/early Monday. Whee.

To this end, Older Daughter and I have been frantically harvesting the garden. We tucked the potatoes, peppers, and carrots indoors so they won't freeze.

Dried beans are out in the barn. The cold won't affect them.

The cold snap isn't supposed to last long, and with luck all the snow will have melted by Wednesday or Thursday of next week. But wow, temperatures like that this early in the season? Are we in for a hard winter?


  1. We're preparing for the cold snap down here in SW Idaho, too. Experimenting with transplanting a jalapeno, a habenero and a bell pepper plant and putting into our well house with a grow light. Watered all the trees, plants, lawn and orchard. Blew out all the pipes outside for irrigation and lawn. I did not get around to cutting all my zinnias for a bouquet. All the water system in the camp trailer was drained and the RV pink stuff put into the plumbing traps. So sad that summer is over. If it was summer every day of the year I'd be the happiest person in the world.

  2. Wow. I live in South Georgia, so I have only seen snow twice before, aside from pictures. Stay safe.

    Jenny Doe

  3. We are scheduled to get two cold fronts next week with lows into the 30’s. I think my sweet potatoes will be harvested shortly...

  4. The way 2020 has been going, I'm more'n halfways expecting "The 2020 Winter Storm of Century" to hit most of the country before the year is out.

  5. They call it......extreme climate change!