Saturday, October 3, 2020

Funny ... sorta

A friend sent this. Apparently this was photographed in England.
I thought it was funny.



  1. A disturbing thing I see more often in our "new normal" is videos that are posted by right leaning blogs are no longer available on youtube. I doubt that the videos are blatantly offensive based on my familiarity with the blogs but rather that since they are linked to by right leaning blogs that they then must be censored. A disturbing trend not dissimilar to what Russia and China does to it's people.

  2. It is true, Patrice. Let us pray the "Post-Apocalyptic" and "Horror" sections are not also moved there as well.

  3. I encourage you to watch the video by this English gentleman. The video is on “Brandnewtube” which is completely separate from youtube. The video is done by Vernon Coleman. He discusses a bit of everything bad going on in the world and he offers methods of fighting back. Watch the video and pass around please.

    Everything that Has Happened Was Meant to Happen

  4. Post Alley CrackpotOctober 3, 2020 at 6:33 PM

    Meanwhile, in the Young Adult Technocratic Romance section, formerly "sci-fi", two young lovers discover a dystopian surveillance state and discover they like it ...

    They then proceed to rewrite the entire genre not as works of fiction, but as DIY guides.

  5. That is a very true statment. We are in the start of post apocalyptic times.

  6. Let’s pray that civil war history books aren’t moved to current events.

  7. I could tell you all a corona virus joke, but I'd have to wait three days to see if you got it.

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska

  8. I've been on an post-apocalyptic fiction kick for a while now. I did not know they were about to become non-fiction!