Saturday, October 17, 2020

How to relieve stress

As 2020 proceeds on, hurling obstacles and challenges left and right, apparently there's a growing trend on how to alleviate stress.

Hug a cow.

Yes, really.

This article offers details: "Cow-hugging, an alleged wellness fad, has people cuddling farm animals to relieve stress": "According to the BBC, the practice of cuddling cows is supposed to reduce stress in humans by releasing the bonding hormone oxytocin. Cows are chosen specifically for their warm body temperatures and calm demeanor, the outlet reported."

To be fair, I can't argue. It's one of the reasons I loved milking bovines. Warm body temperatures, calm demeanor (and fresh milk) what's not to love?

Now granted, not every cow we've ever owned has fit the blissful category the article describes: "Cows are very relaxed animals, they don’t fight, they don’t get in trouble," a farm owner who promotes the practice told BBC. "You come to the fields and we have some special hugging cows and you can lay next to [them] people think it's very relaxing." (In fact, we've had a few bad-tempered critters who soon found a new home in our freezer.)

But my Jerseys – ah, those were lovely creatures, ready for a cuddle at any time.

 I've seen worse advice on how to handle stress.


  1. I started taking care of a neighbor's goats for the health benefits I receive from the raw milk, but they've really improved my mood as well.

  2. Loved the photo of Matilda. She was a big part of your family's life for a long time. She was such an unassuming lover of life. Thanks for reminding me of her.

  3. I love that you named the Jersey in your new book after Matilda. It honored her and was a wink wink moment for the rest of us that followed along with her life. Thanks!

  4. I saw this article. One would hope the cows are selected for cuddle qualities. I have known one or two cranky ones in my time.

  5. Loved Matilda. She was so sweet and such a good mama.