Sunday, January 26, 2020

Eagles and coyotes

The other day a bald eagle swooped over and landed in a tree near our barn.

I mentioned to Don and Older Daughter that if we still had our chickens, I'd be out there guarding them with a baseball bat. An eagle could easily pluck off a hen.

But since our chickens now belong to some neighbors, we didn't have to worry about losing any to predation. Instead, we could watch and enjoy this majestic bird.

Then early yesterday morning, just as it was getting light, I looked up from my computer screen and thought our neighbor's dog was loose in their field. Turns out it was a coyote.

I watched it for quite some time as it wandered around, sniffing after voles and sometime digging for them.

Evidently he didn't find much, since he soon moved on. Once again, our chickens would have been vulnerable, but they're safe in their new home.

Coyotes and eagles. Just part of North Idaho living.


  1. Raccoons were bad enough. Somehow your wild life seems less pedestrian.

  2. Nature is more enjoyable when you're not having to fight it.

  3. Please send me some of your coyotes. Mine are too damn lazy to be on the job around here.

    Heck, tell em I'll even leave small portions of treats out for every vole they get.


  4. Coyotes are part and parcel to the West. Our neighborhood has lost DOGS to coyotes. I had to wrap the coop run with goat fence, sink about a foot into the ground, to keep them from getting at my birds. We don't have many bald eagles here, but we make up for it with red-tail hawks and owls, both of which love chickens. Hell; even CHICKENS like chicken! You gotta want your chickens more than they do!