Saturday, June 1, 2019

Do you have a root cellar?

Gentle readers, I have a request.

I just turned in an article on root cellars to my editor at Backwoods Home Magazine. However I had to let her know I had no photos available, since we don't have a root cellar. The editor did a search on several stock photography websites and realized most stock photos show the outside, not the inside, of various types of root cellars.

And the interior is what the editor would most like to illustrate.

Therefore, if anyone has a root cellar, would you be interested in taking pictures of the interior for possible use with the article? My editor wanted to make the following things clear:

• There would be no payment for the photos

• The photos may or MAY NOT be used (this is known as "editorial discretion")

Ideally the photos are high resolution and would depict not just the overall interior, but any construction or infrastructure details you think are interesting (such as intake or outflow areas, types of shelving, types of crates or baskets, etc.). I realize this is the time of year most root cellars are likely to be at their emptiest, but that's life.

If you can provide such photos, please send them to, and I'll forward them to the editor.

Thank you!


  1. The one place I have seen one is on film on the Doomsday Preppers S01E07 with Doug Huffman. At about 4:47 he goes inside his root cellar, that is of course rather well fortified and again at about 15:55, he mainly has shelving units he built. I know many people ridicule preppers but this guy had it done right. Anyhow I don't know if you would need any rights from National Geographic or not. here is the link.

  2. Can't wait for this article, I have an area in my basement that I am dying to make into a root cellar.

  3. Sorry, no root cellar here, though I'd trade my next to last born for one. (First born is worth a root cellar plus greenhouse.)

  4. If you Google "root cellar interior" in images you'll have a gazillion images to choose from.

    Good book I've had for years...

  6. Patrice, we want personal experience information from you. We can read and synthesize other's articles ourselves. Please, stick to what you have done in your life.

    1. Except the Backwoods Home Magazine staff commissioned the article. I also wrote an article on freeze-drying last month even though we don't have a freeze dryer. I sincerely hope authors of murder mysteries don't have personal experience in the writing of their plots.

      - Patrice