Friday, June 7, 2019

Interview with Stacy Lyn Harris

My latest interview for Lehman's is with Stacy Lyn Harris. What a charming, gracious southern lady -- and mother of seven kids, to boot!

If you want to learn how this former-attorney-turned-homeschooling-mom became such a domestic celebrity -- or better, if you want to meet her in person -- hop on over to the Lehman's site and read the interview.


  1. Oh, just wanted to let you know that I visited her website and found her recipe for sweet and salty chocolate dipped candied bacon. (I have all the ingredients on hand.) I will just make it for myself and the SwampMan to make sure that it can be served to guests, yeah, that's the story I'm telling.

  2. Patrice, you are a woman after my own heart. Thanks for the amazing article. It means a lot to me. You are an extraordinary woman!!