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Thursday, June 6, 2019

A story of icing

Here's what happened to me yesterday. I didn't take any photos, so just create the pictures in your mind. Feel free to add all the messy kitchen components you can conjure up.

For this Friday's neighborhood potluck, I volunteered to bring dessert. About a month ago, I made one of my standbys, lemon-cream cookies. The recipe can be found here, and for purposes of the potluck I usually quadruple the recipe. I have the quadruple measurements written down so I can make it easily.

But last time I made these cookies, they went so fast that people were complaining they couldn't get seconds, so this week I decided to octuple the recipe, not quadruple it. Besides, we have new neighbors, and I wanted a few extra cookies to give them as a welcome gift.

Because this is a busy week, I made the cookies a couple days ago and put them in a sealed container to keep them fresh. Yesterday I decided to make the lemon cream filling that gets sandwiched between the cookies. But unlike the cookie recipe, I didn't have the quadrupled icing recipe written down, and of course this time I was octupling it. But no biggee, right? Just multiply everything by eight.

Which works great, unless you mistake teaspoons for tablespoons and multiply accordingly.

That's what happened when I was supposed to take four and a half teaspoons of lemon juice and multiply it by eight. Instead, I took four and a half tablespoons and multiplied. Suddenly, to the correct amount of butter and powdered sugar I had creamed together, I added a massive amount of lemon juice (two and a quarter cups).

So I'm standing there, staring blankly at this soupy mess of butter, sugar, and lemon juice, wondering what the heck I did wrong. It took me a few minutes to realize the teaspoon/tablespoon conundrum. Nuts.

I had two choices: I could either chuck the entire mess (wasting all the components), or I could multiply the butter and powdered sugar and add them to the soup. Since I had enough butter and sugar on hand, that's what I did. Now, instead of octupling the icing recipe, I was twenty-four-ing it.

Powdered sugar poofed up and coated everything in the kitchen as I kept transitioning to bigger and bigger bowls. Finally I abandoned bowls altogether and put everything into a three-gallon canning pot. Of course it was also too massive a job for my little hand mixer to tackle, so I grunted my way through mixing by using my biggest wooden spoon.

The result is, literally, gallons of lemon cream filling.

Fortunately it freezes well.


  1. Winston ChurchillJune 6, 2019 at 8:34 AM

    We'll be there in ten minutes, to help :)

  2. Well now you have a lifetime supply. LOL

  3. What a delicious mistake! Lemon is my favorite flavor.

  4. guess who's bringing dessert for the next 5 or 6 pot lucks????

  5. That is too funny, We all have done similar in our past :))

    1. Yes we have. Mine was mixing too much hardener into fiberglass resin. My first clue (and last) was the pail getting hot. I tried to dilute it with more (expensive) resin... FAIL

  6. Our entire family enjoyed your story. LOL!

  7. Thank you for sharing. I thought you had to be over 75 to do that. I feel better now knowing it just ain't me. ---ken

  8. I can totally imagine the powdered sugar poofing everywhere because I have done something like that before!

  9. Oh, too funny (not for you, I imagine)! I have to wonder which was worse, the visuals in my head or the pictures that weren't, LOL!

  10. Great story to start the day off right! Thank you.

    (I'm still chuckling to myself.)

  11. I can't stop laughing, it will brighten my day each time I think of it. I am not laughing at you but me because this is kind of stuff I always do, lucky it is a yummy item. I myself have used the largest canning pot for mixing.

  12. Been there, done that, got the tshirt!

  13. I laughed so hard! Hilarious!

  14. I love it. Not that you had so much trouble but well, if we can't laugh at things like that, life would not be nearly so interesting. I can just imagine a kitchen covered in white. Well, then I imagine the cook covered in white. LOL

    I have a "few" things that keep well in my freezer. Not telling what or how it came to be.

    Kathy in MS

  15. Our daughter once read the chocolate chip cookie directions of 2 1/4 Cups of flour as "Two - one quarter cups" of flour. She caught a lot of grief over it, (but it was easy to fix) and the first 2 sheets of cookie "crumbles" made great ice cream topping! Natokadn

  16. Ha! You were right! No pictures necessary! ;-)