Monday, December 31, 2018

Farewell 2018

Here it is, the last day of 2018. I thought a photo essay of our day might be in order.

It started with a subtle but pretty sunrise.

The weather was mostly clear and chilly, about 19F. Early morning shadows of the pines stretched a quarter-mile across the fields.

The day's chores included burning some trash in the burn barrel...

...and taking down the Christmas tree and decorations.

In the afternoon we took Mr. Darcy on his walk. Here he is posing with his latest favorite toy, a tire cut-out.

The partial cloudiness hinted at the possibility of a pretty sunset.

Not that Darcy was impressed. He just wanted to run.

And play with his tire cut-out.

The groundwater seeping across the pasture was iced over in most places...

...which was actually very artistic.

The lower part of our pasture has a shallow, icy flood.

The last sunset of the year broke through the clouds...

...and illuminated a corner of our house.

It also put some trees in shadow, and some in sunshine.

As hinted, the sunset was very pretty. The "column" effect is something we rarely see, and it always impresses us.

Tonight, as with every New Year's Eve, I'll be in bed by 9 pm. And as with every New Year's Eve, I'll be awakened at midnight by a happy neighbor shooting off his gun in celebration.

Happy New Year, everyone! May your upcoming year be blessed.


  1. Beautiful photos. Hope you have a wonderful new year ahead of you.

  2. I remember one year one of my "happy" neighbors shooting off his gun at midnight, must say I made the beginning of his new year not too happy when I marched out their with my screaming baby, who I had just gotten settled down to sleep, I seem to recall blessing him 6 ways to Sunday and invoking the promise that until she was older guns would not be involved in the celebrating of New Years. I also remember their apology the next day in the form of a lovely bottle of wine.

  3. May the entire Lewis family, and your many readers, enjoy a safe and Blessed New Year. Natokadn

  4. Happy New Year from Central Wa.
    Thanks for another year of sharing your life with us.
    So glad your daughters got to come home.
    Jo in Wa.


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  6. Beautiful photos as always. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I am very glad that both of your little birds got to return to their nest.

  7. Heh. I spent New Year's eve my traditional way (same as the 4th) out in the barn, comforting frightened livestock who are crowded around me for safety from the scary booms and strange lights in the sky.

  8. Awesome photos. Thank you for sharing. Happy New Year to all. Pray for peace.
    Montana Guy

  9. Your Christmas cactus is blooming, mine too. I get so excited when that happens as it does not happen every year.

    1. Mom had a Christmas cactus, we always enjoyed seeing it bloom, don't really remember if it didn't bloom some years or not.

  10. Fantastic photo's! Mr. Darcy's tire toy made me laugh out loud!