Saturday, December 8, 2018

The most perfect renovation in the world

You want to see just about the most perfect renovation imaginable? Take a gander at this work of art.

A glorious abandoned century-old theater in Buenos Aires was renovated into a bookstore.

All the beautiful original architectural details were maintained and restored.

The mezzanine level has thousands of books, with views overlooking the entire interior.

The stage is now a café and coffee shop.

I cannot imagine a more perfect renovation (drool, wipe).

Maybe this will inspire some American entrepreneurs to follow suit.


  1. WOW! I can't even find words! As a librarian, this makes my heart happy.

  2. Someone put some love into this. Bookstores don't make much profit. That's why they're usually tucked into dusty tiny nooks stuffed into a corner. I hope they are a success.

  3. WOW! That is just beautiful.

  4. AWESOME!I don't know what is more incredible, the renovation or that enough people still read books to justify its new purpose. Both tell me lot about Argentina that we would not normally hear.

  5. Unfortunately, Americans like to knock down old buildings and erect news hiney plastic ones. That is a stunning bookstore!

  6. Double WOW Patrice. By the way, my wife says thank you for your wonderful broccoli salad recipe.

  7. This is amazing. That said, I do not know if one of these could make a go in the US. We are down to either regional bookstores or the large Box store.

    1. I agree. One factor is Amazon sales which are strong yet invisible. I bet it has taken a huge market share of book sales.

      The over-50 folks are still healthy readers. We visit a 55+ community each winter. On my early morning walks it seems strange to see a newspaper in virtually every driveway.