Thursday, January 3, 2019

Please help SurvivalBlog

Most of you are familiar with the incredible prepper website SurvivalBlog.

In this time of relative prosperity, many people think prepping is no longer necessary and they can let their guard down. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Because of this widespread and erroneous attitude, less and less people are reading the excellent material found on SurvivalBlog. But in fact if there’s anyone in this whole business who is a centerpoint of important prepping information, it’s this website.

Because of its high-profile nature, SurvivalBlog has been the target of everything from hackers to frivolous lawsuits. In addition, it's subject to the whims, political leanings, and tyrannical censorship of the Google / Paypal / Amazon / etc. giants who delight in silencing voices with whom they disagree.

In short, running that website is no simple task. Now they're asking for your help.

They have a subscription program called the Ten Cent Challenge Subscription. Currently only 1 percent of readers subscribe; but if that amount was boosted to 5 percent, their financial challenges would be solved. That amounts to a mere $36.50 per year. Folks, you will never get a better deal than that, or more bang for your buck.

I urge you to give SurvivalBlog the helping hand it deserves. For years they've provided millions of readers with helpful, solid information. Now it's time to return the favor.


  1. Done. I used to send silver dimes but I don't trust the US government for anything. With a check I KNOW they got it.

    Just an aside, I'd like to invite folks to visit It is a conservative's alternative to facebook and youtube. Say goodbye to Zuck. Say hello to Matt Bracken, author of the trilogy Enemies Foreign and Domestic.
    Montana Guy

  2. I read SB for many years and supported him financially as well. While I still stop in to read occasionally I feel the quality of the blog has declined as Mr. Rawles has stepped back from sole editorship.