Monday, August 27, 2018

Rain, glorious rain!

We have been bone-dry here in North Idaho for about eight weeks. Normally we get some rain during the summer, but not this time. Everyone's been walking on a knife-edge regarding fires, which thankfully have spared us this summer.

But yesterday afternoon, a light but steady rain moved in and blessed us with moisture. It rained all night -- it was delightful to snuggle in bed and listen to the pattering on the roof -- and it's still raining as I write this.

For a few more hours, at least.

By this morning there had been enough rain to form puddles.

The thirsty land is absorbing the water with relief. The vegetation looked newly washed and very happy.

It looks like I'm off garden-watering duty for a couple days. No argument!


  1. Ahhhh... same here. Wet enough that we haven't had any major fires this year, but not so bad as to dampen our outdoor activities. (Pun intended!)

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska

  2. We've had 5.24" of rain... SINCE JANUARY 1ST!!

  3. We are in a 3rd stage drought right now. We had very good rains this winter and very early spring but not so much since then. The soil moisture left from the winter rains have saved us but we need rain badley. I have one crack in the ground on the way to the chicken pen that was about 3/4 of an inch wide till we got about 1" of rain a week ago. It is down to about 1/4" now.

  4. I'm so glad you got it. I wish everyone who needs would get the same, including our neighbors up north.

  5. Here in southern Michigan we have had a very dry summer. Still looking for more orchard grass hay for our Alpaca. So far we've been able to get almost 200 of the 400 bales we need to feed till next year's second cutting. Some areas are asking 9.00 a bale for small bales and some what I would consider poor hay. Lots of weeds growing in those hay fields because that's the only thing that is growing well. So far what we've gotten has been decent. So thankful for our long time hay guy who always tries to stay on top of things and works hard to make sure we get what we need. Hope to be able to get more before fall sets in. Seems like Michigan is seeing more dry and very hot summers than I can remember. It's been a really hard season for 2nd cutting hay and soybeans and corn unless you irrigate. Recently we've had some decent rains, but for some crops it's a little too late. So glad you got some rain Patrice. Sure makes the outdoors and animals a lot happier!

  6. Great you folks got some rain. We only had about 27 drops, but it nice the temperature has dropped.
    We have received 2.88" so far this year, down about 2" from normal.

  7. Patrice - I love your garden gate! Don't remember seeing that before. Glad you got rain - I'm here in Southern Oregon where, finally, after weeks and weeks of smoke and red skies from fires, we finally have had 3 days of blue skies and cooler weather. Thankful we don't live in an evacuation area.....soon rain will come here too. Now that I'm commenting - I read and enjoy all your posts and enjoy all your subjects from political to your girls and husband, and of course, the dog, cows, and chickens! Enjoy the rain. Nancy

  8. Speaking of water...absolutely loved your article in the latest issue of Self Reliance concerning water storage/sanitation for emergencies. It is the best article I have ever read on the topic. One tip I would like to pass on: When we used to go camping my husband would bring along the sprayer out of a spray bottle to use for hand washing. When we needed to wash up, he would put it in a water bottle and we would spray our hands briefly, soap up, spray briefly to rinse. It's amazing how little water is needed.

    Also really enjoyed Don's article in SR about OODA. So interesting and useful!

  9. God is good.........