Saturday, July 28, 2018

Glory in velvet

A few days ago, I was out watering the garden in the very early morning (to escape the heat) when I noticed a commotion among the trees on an adjacent parcel of land. Soon three deer emerged -- two bucks and a doe.

I had to position myself to take photos from that distance, and by the time I focused correctly, both bucks had jumped the fence into our field.

A close-up of both animals revealed their glorious racks were still in velvet.

That means it's too early for breeding season. Nonetheless, both seemed very interested in this lady.

I'm pretty sure this is the same doe that's been hanging around the neighborhood with her twin fawns. Sadly, no one has seen the fawns lately, which makes me think she lost them both to predators.

The bucks soon ran away and disappeared from sight.

One paused near a fence line before jumping it. I was just able to squeeze in one last photo.

This encounter made me glad it wasn't hunting season.


  1. Lovely photos Patrice!

    Ouida Gabriel

  2. Headed to the Washington coast to escape the heat in the eastern part of the state. In the village of Ocean Shores there were deer ever where this evening. Several bucks, in the velvet, with good size racks. Had small does with youngins in the RV park this evening.