Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Celebrating Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!

As with most days, Don and I didn't do anything especially earth-shattering today, but nearly everything we did contributed to an independent lifestyle in the manner the Founding Fathers foresaw. Here's some of the ways we celebrated our independence.

We set our own schedules. I'm a morning person and Don is a night owl, so we can work in accordance with our internal clock. It's not unusual to find me writing an article or weeding the garden at 5 am.

I worked in the garden, watering and weeding (I'll post a garden update in the near future). Unlike the rest of the nation sizzling in horrific heat, June has been remarkably chilly here, which has affected how well some things are growing. But the corn, potatoes, onions, and raspberries are particularly lush. Growing our own food contributes to our independence.

We're working on a production run of tankards. Self-employment and a freelance lifestyle contribute to our independence.

We took Mr. Darcy for his morning and afternoon walks. We're blessed to live in a place of wide-open spaces where a dog can stretch his young muscles.

I'm nearly finished with an article for Backwoods Home Magazine. Not only is this publication staffed by wonderful people, but it also celebrates freedom and independence in every issue by promoting self-sufficiency and self-reliance.

I made some strawberry preserves this week to handle the abundance of fruit we're getting. Preserving food contributes to our independence.

I cleaned out the chicken coop, a long-overdue task.

We have one setting hen as well. Happy birds make for happy eggs.

Tonight we're joining neighbors for a potluck and some modest fireworks. Community is critical and contributes toward independence in that it decreases dependence on government services.

Why do I harp on independence? Why do Don and I insist on independence lifestyles? Consider a portion from a WND column I wrote a couple years ago:
It is up to the individual to rediscover personal independence. No one can change someone else; he can only change himself.

So folks, it’s time to make your own personal declaration of independence. What does this mean, a personal declaration of independence?

It will mean different things for different people depending on age, circumstances, educational level, financial situation, health and endless other factors. But the common denominator is to withdraw and wean yourself away from any and all government connections, whenever possible.

This means you don’t look to the government to provide you with health care, education, entitlements, housing, transportation, food or any other necessity unless it’s a matter of life or death.

The reason is simple: The more you depend on the government, the more the government controls you. If you depend on the government for food, or housing, or education, or health care – then the government can dictate everything having to do with what you eat, where you live, how you’re educated and how your health issues are treated.

In contrast to dependency, independence is hard work. It means you are sometimes deprived of the things you want. It means you have to delay gratification. It means you have to take risks and rise to meet challenges. It also breeds satisfaction, pride in a job well done and contentment.

Independence doesn’t happen overnight. Many things take a long time to figure out or plan for or achieve. Independence requires goal-setting and constant striving toward those goals. It requires a hard look at budgets and spending habits and other financial outlays. It means establishing priorities.

Independence can be frustrating because failures and setbacks are constant; but that’s the price. The rewards are immeasurable.

Above all, this kind of move toward personal independence teaches your children unspeakably valuable lessons: that independence is better than dependence, and that freedom is better than servitude.
A happy, safe, and blessed Independence Day to everyone.


  1. May God Bless these United States on this fine day. Nice Column, Patrice. You and Don have a wonderful day too! Natokadn

  2. I see Mr. Darcy is a Branch Manager... so it begs to be asked, if you are a morning person and Mr. Don is a night owl, is the crack of noon safe to say is awaking time? Your header picture is that an apple tree? It is beautiful! Fly your flag proud, launch your fireworks with glee, and don't let the sparklers burn your pinkies!

  3. Little late but a very blessed and happy 4th to you folks.

  4. The older I get, the more I realize that independence is the crucial difference between greatness and mediocrity, which easily transforms itself into becoming a prisoner of the system. Happy Independence Day.

  5. I have noticed that you make cup sized tankards as well as the large ones. If you sell some to your readers again this year would you please include some of the cup sized ones? I have the larger ones but they are just too large for my morning tea.

  6. Beautifully stated. So many are caught up with having everything the easy way, they don't want to comprehend hard work is its own reward. We continue to try though. Thanks for the wisdom!

  7. Please thank your daughter for protecting us and our independence.

  8. what a beautiful picture