Monday, January 22, 2018

Yikes! Forgot to list it!

I've been completely remiss. The latest Back-to-Basics bundle has been available for the past week, and I totally spaced it (we've been busy!).

These bundles are astoundingly comprehensive. Subjects including cooking from scratch, do-it-yourself, food storage, natural remedies, preparedness, homesteading, frugal living, gardening, natural living, and natural parenting.

This year's Bundle contains 53 authors; 59 ebooks, courses, or videos; and a number of bonus offers (a canning bundle, an essential oil bundle, and discounts or freebies for such things as custom tea blends, health foods, and some cool paracord Celtic knot necklaces -- I'm a sucker for Celtic knot anything).

However due to my laxness, the last day for purchasing the Bundle is (cough cough) tomorrow. Sorry about that. The cost for the Bundle is $39.97 for online access, $64.97 for a USB flash drive, and $69.97 for a flash drive plus online access.

Sorry I didn't list this earlier, but please go take a look at what they have to offer. I think you'll be impressed.


  1. Will there be a 2019 back to basics bundle?

  2. Does this no longer exist?