Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Super blood blue moon

Did anyone catch the lunar eclipse this morning? It was a triple whammy: A super moon, a blue moon, and a blood moon, the first time all three events have coincided since 1866.

Last night when the moon rose, it reflected off some puffy cumulus clouds. Trust me, it looked a lot cooler in real life -- the camera couldn't do it justice.

Early this morning, a bit after 4 am (and yes, I was up anyway so I decided to photograph what I could), the eclipse started.

It wasn't always easy to get a clear shot, though I finally found a tripod, which helped steady the camera in near-darkness. I also kept having to dash outside (it was 25F) because the view from inside the house was being blocked by some tree branches.

This is where it started looking cool.

Unfortunately some cloud cover moved in, so a lot of the totality was lost.

Then the clouds cleared up and dawn started breaking.

I caught the waning eclipse just as it started to set behind the hills.

Finally it was nothing more than a bright sliver.

Yep, pretty neat stuff.


  1. Thank you for capturing this for me...I live in NC and wasn't up in time to try to see any of this beautiful event...
    Love from NC

  2. Your photos are just superb!

  3. Great photos. I am in Florida and it started just before moonset this morning so I was only able to see a little "darkening" on the upper limb of the moon about 6:45. Sandy, you didn't miss much with this one.

  4. Beautiful photos. I am in Florida and we only caught a bit of the beginning of the eclipse just before moonset about 6:45 am. Only a little darkening on the upper limb of the moon. Sandy, you didn't miss much with this eclipse.

  5. We had cloud cover - couldn't see anything. You did get some awesome pics!

  6. I got up for it, but it was too cloudy to see it and would have been only partial anyway... Too bad.

  7. Ooooohhh, glad you caught it. We got the darkness part but had too many clouds to really see.

  8. Thanks for the pictures. We were clouded in and saw precisely nothing.

  9. Cool! Thank you...missed it here too many clouds