Sunday, November 5, 2017

WHUMP. Winter's here

Suddenly -- WHUMP -- we're in winter. Big time.

We had a light snowfall in mid-October that lasted just a couple hours, but it snowed lightly yesterday and then all last night.

Mr. Darcy's first impression of snow yesterday was -- ahem -- favorable.

The chickens always look at snow with bemusement.

Then this morning we woke up to a snowy wonderland. Just like that -- WHUMP -- winter is here.

Older Daughter, who is now approaching her third year as a nanny in New Jersey (surrounded by deciduous trees), has come to the conclusion that only coniferous trees do justice to snow.

Right now it is just gloriously beautiful outside.

The larches (the yellowish trees in this photo) were caught with their needles on. Larches turn yellow and shed their needs each fall -- it's just about the only autumn color we get around here -- but the snow caught them early.

The willows in the backyard were caught still dressed in their fall finery as well.

Every object bore its load...

...including the hoses we had drained, coiled, tied, and stacked on the wheelbarrow to store in the barn.

When I slid open the back barn door, you could see how much snow had fallen.

Mr. Darcy, of course, thought all this was largess bestowed by heaven for his own personal amusement.

I took a ruler out and stuck it in the snow on the backyard dog house.

Verdict: Almost six inches as of 8 am this morning.

It's supposed to snow all day today, so we'll see how much deeper it gets.


  1. As always your photos are beautiful! It is also hard to believe that older Daughter has been in the east for 3 years. I guess the older I get the faster time goes buy. I was having issues with my old computer and while looking at an old forum I came across one of my posts where I was asking about windows seven! The old computer was 10 years old so I broke down and got a new one. This one is much faster and it does not freeze once a day. I love it.

  2. I've always thought snow was beautiful.................... in someone else's neighborhood!

  3. I love seeing the pics of Mr. Darcy. They remind me of a dog I once had, who would put his face down in the snow and go like a snow plow.

    All of your pics are very pretty. I would love to see some of that snow here, but we are getting thunderstorms in Indiana today.

  4. Beautiful. Got my smile for the day too. Thanks Mr. Darcy! He is such a cute pup and I bet he's got a wonderful personality to go with all that cuteness. Enjoy the snow my little friend.

    1. Yep, Mr. D. is adorable!

      Dock Guy

  5. Mr. Darcy is.darn cute! we have winter in true Northern California also. We are in the most Soutern tip of the Cascades and winter entered and looks to be here to stay. Snow further up the mountain in Lassen Volcanic National Park and low temps plus rain on our 42 Acres of Paradise. Color me happy😊

  6. in one of your pics if I had not known it was snow I would swear it was cotton bowls. I know the snow causes some hardships but it is beautiful.

  7. Every time I see a wheel barrow now I think "they should have Herrick"s Whizbang Garden cart. I love my carts. They are so easy to move a lot of material. I built one for the farm to carry lots of compost. feed and rocks. All with one hand balancing the cart. I have built several smaller ones for suburban lot usage.
    Do you have one somewhere around the barn?