Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Talk about bad timing

Recently the Georgia Dome in Atlanta was undergoing a controlled implosion. It's always fascinating to watch the precision of these controlled demolitions, and incident has been watched many times on many different videos and news reports.

But wait! It seems the Weather Channel had set up for a live shot of the implosion, when it was photobombed by a bus:

Don and I watched this and howled.

Let's put it this way: plenty of people videotaped the Georgia Dome implosion. The bus photo bomb was FAR more memorable, in large part because of the BLEEPS for edited language. I know the Weather Channel guys were disappointed their shoot was interrupted, but a lot more people are watching, laughing, and remembering this over the uninterrupted versions.

So ... cheer up, Weather Channel guys. You were great.


  1. Was there not some saying about "Best -Laid plans of mice and men"?
    Blessing to your home for Thanksgiving holiday.

  2. My favorite is "Wanna see God laugh? Make a plan!"

  3. Hahahahaha! They set up across from a Marta Bus stop and then they are disappointed when a bus arrives.... hahahahahaha.