Sunday, May 14, 2017

To all you mother hens out there.....

Happy Mother's Day to all you mother hens!

Here's my WND column for the weekend, entitled "Is it Mother's Day -- or Woman's Day?" (with the obligatory troll in the comments section).

In celebration of our own Mother's Day, we have a hen setting, the first one of the year.

She started out with only two eggs, so I shoved five more under her.

With the proclivity of this breed to go broody, I expect we'll have at least a few more sitting on eggs as the summer progresses. A sustainable breed -- gotta love it.

(UPDATE: Broken link fixed; thank you!)


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you Patrice. Hope you have a wonderful, peaceful day.

  2. The link to your wnd article is not working.

  3. Incorrect link.

  4. Happy Mother's Day Patrice.

    As for trolls and all critics of 'Good', they aren't worth my time.

    Montana Guy

  5. Another long, hard sigh for our culture.

    And a slightly hypocritical one. Because, rather than the traditional celebration, I asked my husband for a rather unconventional Mothers' Day present. We all piled into the van (kids, dogs, him, me, the lot) and spent the weekend hanging out with friends. He even took over the childcare and let me spend the day helping a friend remodel a (rather large) closet.

    So... While feminism and all its self-righteous screeds leave me shaking my head, I have to acknowledge that I am neither utterly self-sacrificing, properly feminine, nor deeply traditional (and I do appreciate not being burned as a witch for that).

  6. After almost 10 years of raising hens, we have our first broody hen. No roosters, no eggs to sit on.... I've never seen anything like it. Nature flipped a switch and she has become the witch of the coop. LOLLOL