Friday, May 19, 2017

For ladies only

The website for the reusable feminine products we use, Naturally Cozy, has been revamped and updated and looks positively lovely.

As I’ve written in the past, we transitioned to reusable feminine products ten years ago. Our original pads are still going strong. We haven’t purchased store-bought disposables in all those years. With three females in the house, can you imagine how much money we’ve saved? And frankly, in terms of preparedness, there is absolutely no finer option for women.

Their products go beyond just monthly needs. They carry daily panty liners, cotton nursing pads, incontinence products, post-partum pads, washable toilet wipes, hand towels, and even flannel “clutches” to carry personal items discretely. Additionally, since this is a home-based business, they are sensitive and responsive to customer requests, so if you have a special need or a product you’re looking for, just ask!

Please go take a look at their website, and tell the folks at Naturally Cozy I said “hi.”

1 comment:

  1. Love these things. I made my own when I was in my 30s and they lasted until I didn't need them anymore (I'll admit they were kind of ragged by then. Made them for my girls and now they've made their own second batch.

    One problem with Naturally Cozy's website. Very nice, but not chatty enough. Tell more info about product. Is that price for just ONE pad or several?