Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Making a liar of me

Well, after my optimistic hope that spring was on the way, thanks to the presence of robins, the weather took a 180o turn and began another snow dump.

The photos just don't do justice to how hard it was snowing.

It's wet snow and may not last long, but it's a reminder that it is, after all, still February and we can't exactly start planting peas in the garden.

Ah, nothing like Mother Nature making a liar of me.


  1. Snow peas! And, uh, Iceberg Lettuce!

  2. Reference earlier robin story: comment at Feb 20/1212pm. After seeing first robin will have three more snows before spring. Also, I'm remembering an old, old ditty?:
    Oh, the North wind doth blow, and we shall have snow - what will poor robin do then?

    1. "He'll sit in a barn and keep himself warm
      and hide his head under his wing, poor thing."

      I remember that poem well.

      - Patrice

  3. Miss Patrice, you know the old axiom... never assume. My area of the country, upper plains, warm weather for the last 8 days and we are getting hit tomorrow night with what ya is getting now. Snow, blessed snow, cold and the robins and spiders have been out in force.

  4. We call a lull in winter a false spring. Happens every year.

  5. When the first snow arrives we use words like pretty, artistic, and winter wonderland. But by February it's called 'another snow dump'.

    I guess snow is kind of like relatives who come to visit.

    Montana Guy

  6. This weather pattern is cyclical and we have experienced it in the past. It promises huge snow packs warming and freezing all spring, more tornadoes and more floods. It may change by late spring but if not we may have lots of rain in spring and summer too. Of course these weather patterns are not the same in every part of the country it is likely that certain parts of the South East will experience drought.

  7. The weather here in Spokane and I am sure in your neck of the woods has been crazy, we have had at least 3 seasons in the last week, right when I thought spring was on the way I woke up to it snowing this morning, a few days ago it was 43 degrees and sunny, so confused, I think that groundhog is drunk..lol ~ Shannon

  8. We got it here in western Montana, too, followed by rain this afternoon. What a sloggy, slushy mess! A word about peas... I always plant mine as soon as I can get them in the ground. Sometimes it's February and sometimes it's April or May. Many years they get snowed on and frozen but they still come up. Unfortunately, there's still 2 feet of snow on the garden so the peas will have to wait this year.

  9. I feel your pain!
    I am a couple of hours south of you and am experiencing the same thing. I have one little crocus trying to push up a bloom and am so excited. The geese and ducks have returned. We finally can see some gravel on the driveway. But, my dear first grader insists on reminding me of this silly groundhog he heard about....Hush silly boy!

  10. A month and a week and we should see our first calf of the season. I'll be happy if the weather is good when that time comes.

  11. We've had several absolutely lovely days here, and yup, a flock of Robins, and yesterday I saw a Bluebird!!

    Sunday they're predicting snow.