Friday, February 24, 2017

Hope springs eternal

We traded a steer for a pig with a neighbor last December, and we've been thoroughly enjoying the change from beef. Here Don is slicing a ham for sandwiches.

He had a very attentive audience. We don't feed Lydia off the table, so to speak, but she knows meat when she sees (smells?) it ... and a dog can hope, can't she? Besides, I've been using the leftover bits of fat to disguise the pills she's been getting since her vet visit, so she knows she'll get some eventually.

"Don't bother me, I'm concentrating."

Yep, hope springs eternal.


  1. Lydia reminds me of my Pyr so much, she is an adorable girl. Every time I see pictures of her I miss my Dartania. I remember seeing that look so many times. It's even worse with venison.

  2. Our dachshund won't even EAT dog food anymore!

  3. My dog, Ms. Humbug, can hear the sound of anything falling on the kitchen floor and instantly appear to check it out. And, when when I'm sitting eating in the kitchen she lays in the doorway watching me with the same mournful eyes as your Lydia.

    Hangtown Frank

  4. Our cattle dog mix, Chelsea gets that same look. We assume she is trying her best K9 Jedi mind trick. It often works for her though. My Wife loves the Lydia pics, she adores her.

  5. No pork fat! I hope.
    My dogs would get a piece of cheese to hide the pill they were getting.

  6. When we had to give our dogs medience that they
    did not want, hot dogs also worked very well.