Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Welcome, spring. Now go away.

We're still having "lion" weather here in north Idaho. We'll be teased with temps as high as 65F, then suddenly we're plunged back into snow.

Despite spring having officially sprung, yesterday we got the snow. It snowed and snowed and snowed -- but, since the ground and ambient temperature were fairly warm, it hardly stuck (no more than an inch deep). But wow, it came down hard for awhile.

Sometimes winter loses its grips slowly.

When I let Polly out of her pen, she seemed, well, surprised at the sudden change in scenery.

The snow tapered off by late morning and changed to rain, and the ground was bare once more by late afternoon.

Yep, lion weather.


  1. It rained in buckets and sheets here yesterday. I guess it must have frozen and turned to snow by the time it all reached you there.

    This morning is gray and chilly and damp. It's a little too warm to build a fire, and a little too cool to be comfortable.

    So it's handwarmers and vests indoors for now, and we'll see what the day brings.

    I'm ready for some nice weather.

    A. McSp

  2. Ok spring is here. But why are forecasted to receive 6 to 10 inches tonite. Just back in the house from chasing in ewes with lambs that did not want to go into the barn from the pasture they were out grazing in today. The lambs were too cold , wet and shivering.

  3. I heard somebody say "Go away March, you're drunk"