Monday, February 29, 2016

Windstorm photos

These photos are of the windstorm we had last November, and will be used to illustrate an article I just submitted to Backwoods Home Magazine. They are posted so the editor can pick which ones she wants.

Photo 1 (131 KB): Stock tank, kept brim-full for as long as we could

Photo 2 (128 KB): Strong wind, blowing faucet water sideways

Photo 3 (134 KB): Laying in extra firewood

Photo 4 (127 KB): Dead tree across our compost pile

Photo 5 (139 KB): Base of the dead tree blown down across compost pile

Photo 6 (1484 KB): Trees down in our woods

Photo 7 (1484 KB): More trees down in our woods

Photo 8 (3104 KB): Filling water barrels at our neighbor's

Photo 9 (2985 KB): Getting ready to siphon water to the stock tanks

Photo 10 (2223 KB): Hanging an oil lamp in the chicken coop

Photo 11 (2104 KB): Oil lamp in chicken coop

Photo 12 (2283 KB): Lamp light at night

Photo 13 ( KB): Evening board games by lamplight

Photo 14 (2916 KB): Insulating a water barrel for the night to keep from freezing

Photo 15 (2870 KB): Oil lamps on standby

Photo 16 (2882 KB): Filling oil lamps

Photo 17 (2868 KB): Putting refrigerator food outside to preserve it

Photo 18 (2865 KB): Cracking open chest freezers during cold weather

Photo 19 (2871 KB): Three-pack flashlights from Costco

Photo 20 (2084 KB): Flashlights hanging by the door

Photo 21 (2438 KB): A neighbor's shed got smashed by the wind


  1. Have you guys come up with a non electric water source? We are in the same boat as you with no financially viable options... yet.

    1. It's a slow process but we're making progress. At the moment we can't do certain things until winter is over. I will be writing a BWH article on the subject, hopefully by fall. Of course, I'll also post blog updates as well.

      - Patrice

  2. Your big photo at the top with all the cows...I can just see you walking in and saying "girls, ladies, look this way..."

  3. Those 300 lumen Duracell flashlights from Costco are great, but the new updated 350 lumen models (same price) are even better. The new version has a zoom on the lens which when wide gives a very even coverage without the central hot spot of the version you have. When it is zoomed in to a tight spot almost all the light in concentrated in a small rectangular beam which lights things up at a distance amazingly well. We own both, and the new version is a big improvement.