Friday, February 5, 2016

Cheery news

Well THIS was certainly a day of cheerful news (not!):

Ever had the urge to just -- hunker down?


  1. All that cheery news just bolsters our resolve to remain debt free, stay away from the stock market , stash a little cash , invest any extra money in tangible things that we can use and grow and preserve as much of our own food as possible .
    Our concern is for our family members that just keep on as if everything will fix itself , ain't gonna happen !
    Think we will just "hunker down" and see what the Lord brings our way .

  2. Yep, I saw everyone of those today too....yikes! Natokadn

  3. Family and gear stowed in liferaft. Rowing away from the floundering ship as fast as we can. Damn these oars are heavy.

  4. There is so much negative economic news out there, it's astounding. Every new day brings something more. Which bit of news will be the final straw that breaks the camels back? This is a good time to fill in any "holes" that you might have in your preps.

  5. On the same tune- different note: have you guys figured out a solution to your "water without electricity" situation yet? We are in the same boat with no true resolution. (Not enough funds)

  6. May God have mercy on our "once great" country. II Chron. 7:14

  7. Every day.

    Trouble is, no one will listen to me.

    We're debt-free, we own land, the money that is in the market is expendable. I should be sitting back on my heels saying, "I told you so."

    I feel like finding a very deep hole and hiding in it, weeping. Guess I'd better make it a BIG hole.

    Because I care, very dearly, for a lot of people (who have between them a rather lot of children) who have not made any kind of provision for anything other than more money and more handouts.

    Even if the dollar doesn't collapse, I cannot carry them all.

  8. America is gone. But Americans will be the last to know.
    Montana Guy

  9. love You All, but the sky is not falling. I've made a great living in option trading for the past sixteen years and nothing has changed except the speed of the media, which spreads fear on the market at lighting speed. Ever watch bees react to smoke from a smoker? keep acting in fear and I'll keep trading options as stocks go up and down.... Now lets get back to some more relaxing fun subjects. THE SKY IS NOT FALLING!

  10. You do realize that financial markets move up and down and cycles have always been part of a free market? Do what you need to do to feel comfortable (prep, save money, stop reading the paper for a month or bake). The world is not ending, America is still great (name one place better off?) and the market will turn up again. It has been 7+ years since the last big down turn in the market and this is just a correction.

    Now long term our government needs to make financial changes. We cannot continue to give handouts at the rate we are giving them today. But all of this is a self correcting problem not the end of the world.

  11. Patrice,
    I like when bloggers put up links like this. thanks! Here is one for you. If you listen to the video (I had to go straight to youtube because the viseo in the article wouldnt play), there are a couple curse words. Still, interesting view....

    Ouida Gabriel