Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Chuckle du jour

After yesterday's lousy day, I thought everyone could use a chuckle. Here's evidence we don't live on a paved road.



  2. I took it - must be about KC winning the World Series.

  3. Hey folks. My comment wasnt about my worst day. My comment was on perspective and gratitude, and how my life is always better if I can maintain this regardless of lifes conditions.

    God is, or he isn't. If he is, then I do the footwork to the best of my ability, and the results are none of my business.

    I blow this all the time. I can take a bad moment and nurse it into a bad day.

    So yes, i have the biggest bloodclot western medicine has ever seen in a living human being. and yes, my doctors cant explain how im still alive. these are both true.

    So, I can chose gratitude, knowing that every man has a day with death, or I can feel sorry for myself, and stop living long before I die.

    I dont know if I made that clear. I do know that I could not stomach the list, and stoped reading the posts when it appeared to be competitive depression.

    Not meant in judgement of anyone here but myself.