Friday, August 21, 2015

Wild day on the stock market

It's times like this I'm so grateful we have nothing to do with national or international finances. Because my goodness, today the stock market got slammed.

A lot of people lost a lot of money, and people around the world are feeling jittery and unsettled.

No one knows what Monday will bring, of course. But one thing's for sure, those jars of peaches I canned up this week are looking better and better.

These are the kinds of events that explain why we've spent the last few years investing our money in tangibles. Bees, cattle, garden, the moment they're more stable than the stock market.

Just sayin'.


  1. Linda in CO, formally Linda in SoCalAugust 21, 2015 at 9:30 PM

    Well, I think tangibles are a great investment. I just found a second canning kettle at a thrift store on half price day.

    We finally escaped SoCal for CO. We wanted to be closer to our kids and grandchildren. We looked for work in MT, WY, & CO, husband found a job in CO, so that's where we are. Unfortunately, because housing prices are crazy, we have to settle for a townhome for now. Not a fan of HOA's or condos, but what goes up, must come down. But, this is still much cheaper than rent.

    While we are waiting for the time we can move to a house with a decent size yard, we will also continue to work on tangibles that are portable. Things like extra canning jars, small garden supplies (I will patio garden for now, and possibly get a plot in the community garden), and practical non-electric kitchen equipment.

    While we are working on the big picture plan, we can work with what we have. I am considering headed to the preparedness expo tomorrow to see what suggestions they have for city dwellers.

    Thanks for the great post.

  2. Rah rah for chickens and peaches. (lol)

  3. I saw the title, and thought "someone's been buying new livestock"

    I was a bit disappointed it was a finance story

  4. Just received our new All American Canner this week, no more rubber seals. Yeah.

  5. Since I retired I have been pulling money out of my 401K at a fast pace. Problem now is I have almost all of the tangibles that I can use. I hate leaving what is left in the stock market but other than what I have in cash I do not know what to do to protect myself. It has become a real problem!

    1. I too took out 401K invested in:
      Silver & Gold
      Paid off Mortgage & Cars
      My family and I live in rural Eastern Washington.
      We live a simple life.
      Good luck
      Keep up the good work Patrice!

  6. is becoming less and less necessary to 'say' anything, Patrice. The settled nature of what you and Don are about is a clarion call to rational instinct. Actions speak for themselves.... and so too, disaster.

    I just pray more folks begin to listen. Even if hearing is had through horrified eyes.

    Thank you for the daily reminders of what it's really all about!

    1. Patty is right on. Thank you Patrice and Don.

      There is a storm gathering. We too pray that others will wake up. But sadly many will find themselves like Forest Gump, “And then one day it was over, just like that.”
      Montana Guy

  7. We never had much money and what we did have was spent on bills like rent, food, gas to heat the apt or house we rented, etc. So we lost no money on the mkt or any other money thing.
    We never had a garden, but wished we had had onelike my grandmother's, but renting we were not allowed to have one.
    So, all I can say is that the Lord will have to direct us as He always has.
    Thank you for your beautiful pictures of those canned peaches. I used to can tomatoes that a farmer where we used to live gave us. We went to church together. God provided.
    Side note, I am praying for all the people that are in the fire areas of several states. Friends and family members are near the danger areas.
    Love from NC

  8. Yes, Patrice - your tangibles are "stable" - especially when they are in the barn......(Cheesy Grin)!

    Your peaches look wonderful - I can almost taste them! We are getting the first real rain we have seen since before July 4th. Our yard has been brown and crunchy for a while. Reducing livestock numbers due to lack of pasture. I pray you all got some too - we are to your east and have been seeing days of "smoke haze" coming from the west. Stay safe and keep up the great service that you do for all of us! I check your blog almost daily! Natokadn

  9. You know, if things ever do fall apart, I will really miss seeing what's going on on your farm!

  10. With the economy going down, it will pay to not only buy tangible things but to brush up on skills needed if you need to be self sufficient. Learn to do things that you can barter in exchange for things you need.Canning and preserving can be done even if you have no garden.Ask around and see who has extra that they might sell or give. Offer to help weed and preserve for part of the bounty. We just moved back to the country and there are fields being plowed under that are still full of produce. I need to be bold and ask if I can glean some of what has been harvested. Raised beds are nice if you cannot till. Hiding veggies in the flower beds works too. Farmers markets and super cheap sales help during season..I don't have lots of money either. But we will do okay. God will make sure we get our needs. But we need to be prepared to work for them if needed.