Friday, October 31, 2014

God bless honest people

Had a bit of a scare yesterday at Costco.

The girls and I were in Spokane for our regular "city day" activities -- French lessons, grocery shopping, etc. At Costco I was fortunate to find a parking space fairly close to the building. The kids elected to stay in the car, so I left my purse with them and only brought my clutch-style wallet into the store.

I did my shopping, paid, and pushed the cart out to the car. Since my parking space was enviously close to the store, another car idled nearby, waiting for me to vacate the slot. I hastily unloaded my items into the vehicle, pushed the cart away, got into the car, and drove away.

It wasn't until ten minutes later, arriving at our next stop, that I realized I'd left my wallet in the Costco cart.

Immediately we went dashing back. The cart was not where I left it, so I fled into the store and inquired at the service desk. They directed me to a manager, who checked in the store office. After a knuckle-biting ten-minute wait while he searched through a lock box, he emerged with my wallet, intact and with nothing missing.

God bless whoever the honest person is who turned it in.

I decided it was time to clean out my wallet and take inventory just in case. Here's what I have:

• Idaho Concealed Carry permit
• Utah Concealed Carry permit
• Idaho driver's license
• HSLDA Membership card
• Inland Northwest Blood Center donor card
• WND press credentials
• Credit card
• Costco membership card
• Safeway store card (I seldom shop there, but they have the best bargain on Ivory dish soap)

(I'll also add our AAA card when it arrives since we just joined.)

I removed everything else extraneous. Might as well streamline.

Once again I thank God for honest people. They restore my faith in humanity.


  1. They probably saw your concealed carry permits and decided they didn't want to mess with you :)

  2. Doesn't something like that just give you a glow that goes on for days?!
    Thumbs up to the finder.

  3. I did the same exact thing last month and had the same outcome. Very thankful for the person who turned it in and saved me a lot of hassle!!

  4. Absolutely. Have a blessed weekend!

  5. I recently found an unsigned rebate check for $660 at Menard's - all I could think of was the poor guy who spent over $5000 to get that big of a rebate and I gave it to a nearby clerk as we were in a hurry. I still wondered.....

    The next time I was in the store I asked a lady at the service counter if she knew of the check....she laughed and said "So it was you! - you need to hear the rest of the story!" The guy was at the counter hoping that someone had turned it in when the clerk arrived with it - YES!!! She went on to tell me about the many wallets, checkbooks, cell phones, envelopes of cash etc., that are turned in regularly. She said there are still a lot of honest people out there....... this store is in a moderately sized midwestern city. Thought you would like to know.....when many people are honest there are only a few that are dishonest and make us worry. Thought this might be a bright spot in everyone's day. Natokadn

  6. I can also add a "Thank You God" story. I was shopping at WinnCo in Corvallis, Oregon. I had put at $50.00 bill in my pocket along with my shopping list. When I got to the checkout I reached in my pocket and $50.00 bill was there. The clerk sent me over to the service desk and much to my great surprise a wonderful and very honest person had found it and turned it in to the office. I will always "Pay if Forward" if ever given the chance.

  7. Good news, Patrice! Some quick wallet advice that I have always found helpful: Take your wallet and stroll right over to a copier. Lay out everything that you want to keep such as licenses, credit cards, paper with info on it, directions, lists, etc. Photocopy or scan everything. It's easy to lay out all your credit cards and permits and then make a copy. THEN, turn them over and copy the BACK side. That's where important phone #s and other info is found. You will need this if you aren't blessed enough to get your wallet back and you won't need to stress out quite so bad.

    God Bless,
    Janet in MA

  8. Phew! I've had a moment like this with my cell phone the other day. Knuckle biting on my part too. Made me very glad to find an honest person had turned it in.

    On another note, you don't need to carry your Safeway card. You can use it in store and at the gas pump by inputting your phone number. I assume you had to give a phone number when you first got the card like I did. One less card in the wallet.

  9. Glad it worked out for you!
    People waiting for my parking spot is one of my pet peeves-not sure why, maybe the rushed feeling.

  10. Most folks are honest and will turn in your money. Unfortunately, its only the dishonest ones that make the news or the gossip line, so we tend to focus on them. Like Sue, I've had it paid forward to me more often than not, so I try and pay it forward too. I'm happy you encountered one of the majority. Does make you remember they're out there.

  11. I had a similar experience at our Sam's club. I had purchased 4 big cans of dry snuff for trade goods when SHTF. These are NOT cheap and I managed to leave them in the cart while unloading. I realized when I got home but since the store is 50 miles away I could not just drive back to see if they had been turned in. The next day my wife was going back to the town for a Dr. appt and I asked her to stop and see if they had been turned in. She had the receipt. They were at the service counter. Saved me about $40, although I did have trouble explaining to my wife that the product was not for me. I started chewing when I quit smoking, quit the chewing 20 years ago, and she was scared that I was going to start again. No way that is going to happen!

  12. I can really believe this at Costco, try Walmart and see what happens (and I like Walmart).
    But here is an idea: I am a man so of course I don't carry a purse or handbag. Year ago I slimmed down my wallet so it was compact, only money, cards & Id. It fits comfortably in my front pocket where it cannot be pickpocketed and most imortantly is always with me. Also I have a personal policy that when I take my wallet out to use a credit card, show an ID or pay for something I put the wallet immediately back in my pocket. I take it out again to replace the card or ID or to put change back and put the wallet back n my pocket. This may not be practical for all women but it could be if they choose to make that change. Small compact wallet in a pocket not in a purse or handbag. Keep a pictures and junk wallet in your purse or handbag if you want to and certainly cntinue to carry a purse or handbag but wallet goes in a pocket. Just saying...

  13. good idea from anonymous but if you do it [i often do] remember to test your pockets. ladies' pockets are not always deep enough and my phone, et cetera, often slip out when i sit. my 'pocketbook' is really a diaper and medicine bag and water to swallow pills with, so it is heavy enough but 'don't leave home without it'.
    deb h.
    p.s.; carry extra set of keys on a key ribbon around my neck.
    once my husband locked himself out of the car with the engine running. he wasn't far away and i ran all the way -couldn't do that now- to open it for him. went right out and had lots of keys made. everyone is required to carry two sets on separate chains all the time. plenty at home if nobody is available to bring you keys, so you get a taxi or a friend and keys are available. yes, neighbor has house key so no probs about getting to extras in emergency.

  14. I would have to use two hands to count the number of times I have lost something valuable wallet, cc case, cell phone, even international airline tickets when I was about 21 years old @ JFK airport.

    God has been good! In all cases I either found them where I left them or someone turned them in (Even Wal Mart). Unfortunately as I age (now 61) I fear I may have to use my toes as well as my hands to count... Ha, Ha.... Don't know how I will handle it after 20 either!

    I am also reconsidering my use of credit cards given the recent breaches by hackers. In the last two years we have had to get both credit cards we have replaced because of breaches. I watch my accounts on line on a regular basis now as a result. Need to be mindful today and tomorrow.