Thursday, October 9, 2014

Backlog of podcasts

Oops -- my bad -- I've been neglecting to post my podcasts with The Survival Mom Radio as they come available. I'll try to do better.

From September 18: Getting Ready for Winter

From September 25: Looking Meat in the Eye

From October 2: Fall Gardening Preps


  1. Patrice, I look forward to your camera shots as much as I do your writing!

  2. hi there just listened to your gardening talk , WOW dead on ! Anyone that thinks they can dig up a pasture and eat has a lot of learning to do . I gardened for 30 years in the midlands of the UK , 30 years of experiance was /is of virtualy no use at all in North Texas , ten years of gardening in TX and i am finaly getting decent crops , 10 years of building up fertility in what the realtor called sandy loam , plenty of sand , build your own loam ! , bugs are a real pain mole crickets eat the seed and grasshoppers eat those that manage to grow plus nematodes thrive in the heat , book learning says little or nothing about pests and how to deal with them , TIME and FAILURE teach what when and how to deal with an unknown area that many think they will " bug out "to , in my experiance they will starve , I know i would , here in TX you need around an acre per person to eat well and you put food away for the summer not winter unless you want to live on black eye peas that are about the only thing that thrives in july and august , Fall , Winter ,Spring are the gardening seasons down here summer is to be endured !
    So if anyone is thinking of bugging out to TX bring a Semi load of supplies / seed to tide you over the years of falure .