Friday, September 12, 2014

Venturing into podcasts

Guess what -- I'm trying a new venture!

In July I was contacted by Lisa Bedford (The Survival Mom) and asked to join her team of prepper women on Survival Mom Radio Network doing podcasts. She and Don both sweet-talked me into it.

So here I am, venturing into unknown territory.

The podcasts can be found here and will be available every Thursday.

Lisa has assembled a broad team of like-minded women discussing such subjects as preparedness, homesteading, growing and preserving food, home, family, and healthy living. Check out this link to see all the hosts. You can listen to some of the other podcasts these talented women have recorded.

There's also a spiffy "grand giveaway" to celebrate the successful launch of SurvivalMom Radio, so click here to check out specifics.

Wish me luck as I wobble my way into the world of radio!


  1. Wonderful Patrice!! I will tune in for sure! I did alot of radio back in the day, and really enjoyed it. I just know you will too. And thanks to all these awesome women like yourself, for putting your voice OUT THERE! Prayers and Wisdom!

  2. A "broad" team? LOL.

  3. Good luck, Patrice!! I know you'll do GREAT!!!

  4. Congratulations, Patrice! Once you start talking about all of the things you share with us, you won't know when to quit. I look forward to listening. Enjoy your new adventure and the means to reach even more people with your messages of family, self-reliance and preparedness. It is important.


  5. Hooray! Not one mention of talking politics! Good Luck Patrice!!!

  6. Just a point of personal preference. I sit in my chair in front of the TV with the family around and don't as a general rule play anything over the speaker of the computer. Sometimes I see a video commentary that I am interested in and wish their was a synopsis or transcript so I could read it. But usually I simply bypass it and move on. I am only saying this to offer some insight into the viewing habits of people on the computer.

    1. Consider picking up a pair of earbuds or earphones that would work in a personal tape or CD player. They plug into the speaker port of a PC OR laptop.

    2. I do have earphones and I do use them sometimes. But the problem of absorbing information from a podcast or youtube vs reading the text in the environment I described is the issue. I have tried it and it isn't a good way to communicate ideas. Now if I were totally committed as in taking a class or something I would retire to a room by myself with no distractions and I could cope with this form of communication. I think there is a relationship to the problem of talking on a cell phone while driving. You are either in the present or you are totally involved in the conversation and not in the present. I might add this is not a problem with audio that isn't meant to communicate ideas such as listening to background music while doing something else.

    3. Let me add one more complaint/suggestion. You will notice when watching a DIY type video on youtube that the person creating the video spends way too much time trying to be "on screen" or explaining personal stuff. That old adage of teaching something is:
      1. Tell them what you are going to tell them.
      2. Tell them.
      3. Tell them what you told them.

      Not "the other day while I was prepping..." or "me and the little lady went out to eat last night and...", etc.

      So many of these videos look like they were ad hoc and the presenter never even considered for a moment that they were not the center of our world. Just present the material in a ordered and effective manner. Everything else is a distraction.
      Just saying. Not intended to criticize Patrice.

  7. Thank goodness for the sweet talk! We need the voice of common sense and competency on any and all media sources available in this country.

    Looking forward to listening and learning of future successes that are sure to follow.

  8. Welcome to the network Patrice, from a fellow host! I've been there since the beginning and I just listened to your first show. Great job! I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.

    1. Thank you, Charley! I've been working on additional podcasts all weekend, trying to get a few ahead.

      - Patrice

  9. Re: What about Don?

    Hi Patrice,

    I've been watching your blog for some years now. I've been to
    Portland with you four or five times meeting your friends and
    seeing your favorite place for coffee and the bookstore that
    you frequent right before your trip back home. I've also been
    with you on your book tours and to the preparedness expos.
    Just a few days ago I went along while you went off to the
    fair with your daughter(s). However, from a man's standpoint, what about Don? Does the poor man work constantly? The only
    break that I've seen him get is when you went canoeing for
    a date at the local lake. I even knows that he self catheters
    and that he's always there for you. My question is does he
    ever get out? Does he get a chance to hang with the guys?
    What's he do for fun other than build, repair or make beer

  10. Can't wait to check it out!