Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Magazine photos

Sorry for the silence of the last couple of days, but we're having an insanely busy week as we battle our busy season as well as handle multiple writing deadlines.

I submitted two articles to Backwoods Home Magazine yesterday and the following are photos that might be suitable for illustration, along with captions. These photos are posted so the editor can choose which ones she wants.

Business Article

Photo 698 -- Production run of wooden tankards

Photo 699 -- Sample tankards (Lisa, I can re-photograph these if you think they're too dark)

Photo 702 -- Specialty tankards (ditto if they're too dark)

Product Review Article

Photo 703 -- Emergency supplies cached in a Big Blok

Photo 704 -- Emergency supplies cached in a Big Blok

Photo 705 -- Emergency supplies cached in a Big Blok

Photo 706 -- Emergency supplies cached in a Big Blok -- still room to spare

Photo 707 -- Big Block (single unit size) -- 10 gallon capacity, packed with emergency supplies for a family of four


  1. Your Big Blok is really interesting. I have never heard of this product. Can you bury it to hide your cached emergency items?

  2. Dear Patrice, That is a mighty nice 'big block' you have there. I am unfamiliar with these. Ummm, what are they? When I looked them up on the web, any 'big blocks' were Chevy engines! Thank you, Grandma Kathy

  3. Patrice, I would not keep any of the soaps or strongly scented items near the food. I found out the hard way with a small bar of soap and my dried foods like rice and instant potatoes. I stored them in a bugout bag and found that they were inedible with the smell of the soap. Tho' my socks and undies did smell nicely of Safeguard.

  4. That Big Blok is a very interesting product for storage. Will you give us a more detailed review? Wall thickness? Strength? Waterproof? Good for underground burial? Suitability for long-term water or fuel (both Diesel and Gas) storage? Type of lid seal?