Thursday, March 14, 2013

Swans on the lake

Yesterday while driving past the lake, we saw swans. Lots and lots of swans.

While a few were on the water...

...most of them were on the mud flats in the marshy areas.

It soon became apparent that this is mating season. We saw a lot of birds with outstretched wings, engaged in courtship rituals.

These are Tundra swans, a very common breed. Just how common became magnificently apparent when I drove further along the lake and came to another marshy area with literally hundreds -- possibly over a thousand -- swans. Unfortunately there was vegetation in the way that didn't permit me to take a photo showing all the birds, but it was astounding. And noisy.

Swans on the lake. It must be spring.


  1. A Swan Lake performance and it isn't even Ballet season, yuk yuk yuk!

  2. That's amazing-a sight we don't see in the mountains of NC!

  3. amazing how white and clean they look for hanging around in the mud.

  4. They're so wonderful. They stop in our area on their way to their wintering grounds every November, right around Thanksgiving. I love tundra swans.