Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Random pix

I thought I'd post all the random pictures that have accumulated over the last couple of weeks.

Chickens in the snow.

Sunset through an oil lamp.

Different sizes and colors.

Deer on the horizon. This was literally a point-and-shoot-and-hope-for-the-best picture, since I was driving at the time.

Snow-capped mountains.

A sunny morning in the barn.

Brit on a frosty morning.


Older Daughter up a tree...

...and down a tree.

Walking home.

Red-winged blackbird.

Cloud rainbow.

This fellow is SO photogenic. I guess we should come up with a name for him.

Deer at dawn.

Geese at dawn.

Turkeys at dawn. Coming...

...and going.

Busted! Found where they were laying their eggs. In an old bathtub near the shop.

Seasonal water flow.

Shiny with rain.

Distant vistas.

Guarding her chew toy.

Wet sunset through a screen door.

A "No Trespassing" sign, north Idaho style.

Robins -- my favorite bird.

The spurs on Snap, our rooster. Must be two inches long. Good thing he's such a sweetheart!

Last year's ninebark blossoms.

I thought they looked like fairy dresses.

A solitary pine cone.



  1. I used to love to climb pine trees when I was a kid because their limbs form a "built-in" ladder.

    I've never heard of a cloud rainbow. Now I wish I could see one.

    Just Me

    1. We call the rainbow clouds "sundogs" They are said to predict precipation with in 48 hours(old wives tale?) depending on wether they are in front of the sun or chasing it. I had never heard of such a thing before I met my husband umpteen years ago but its interesting if nothing else.

  2. Ahhh... Beautiful

  3. Patrice,


    Well golly gee whiz, thats a really neat no trespassing sign. I gotta get me one like that.

    I think theres a teeny tiny bit of Texas creeping up north. All it takes is one microbe here, one microbe there. Before you know it, Idaho's infected with Texans.
    The only things we will change will be better barbecue, beer and bigger pickup trucks.
    Who knows, maybe we can poke a few holes in the ground and find some oil to suck out and make more than a few of you property owners rich.

    If your out huntin' for some coons and find some bubbling crude (Beverly Hillbillys TV show tune)

    e-mail me.

    We will be there in 24 hours.

    1. Patrice,


      Now I remember the 'Beverly Hillbilly's theme song.

      Let me tell you the story about a man named Jed' who barely kept his family fed. He was out one day shooting at some food, and up came a bubblin' crude.

      Down here in South Texas we gotta drill down about 10,000 feet, verticle. Then go horizontal and hit it with frac bombs, chemicals and high pressure water to get natural gas and oil condensate. I hear there is a large dome of oil below the shale formation that is being frac'ed right now. This peak oil thing is at least 50 to 75 years out and the natural gas could keep going for another 200 years.

  4. I need to enlarge and make copies of the chickens in the snow and show them to the hens. Mine don't want to walk on it. I had to carry them to and from their pen. Of course, the have only seen snow stick all day twice in their four-year lives.

  5. Name options for rooster...Fabio or Rico

  6. What lovely pictures - you are sure blessed with a nice family and beautiful environs.

  7. Love that gorgeous rooster! And the rest of the pics are great, too. :) Seeing Older Daughter up a tree makes me want to climb one, too. I can't wait to get outside more--still pretty chilly here in Ontario. Certainly not short sleeve weather yet.

  8. Beautiful pictures - great way to start my morning.

  9. The "cloud" rainbow....we've always called them "sun dogs". Usually meant we were going to get rain in the near future.

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  11. I hereby dub your roo "Sir Edward Cockleton-Flogbottom" (of the Northern Idaho Flogbottoms... he comes from moneyed stock).

    And may he never flog any bottoms, as I know from experience that it's rather unpleasant! :)

  12. The gun on that sign is a Barrett 50 BMG - you are in range LOOONNG before you can read the sign!

  13. Patrice I ALWAYS love your pics! That magnificent rooster is so handsome. He would give my 'Charlie (who is very gentle, too) a good run for the money!
    Heathers's name is a riot and just perfect!

    Phyllis (N/W Jersey)

  14. Patrice,

    You take the best fotos!...I love them all; especially the black chicken in the tub.
    The one that likes to pose should have the name:"Rocky"..he's so confident and strong looking.
    You're site is so refreshing and a nice thing to look at before I go to bed. You and your family are in my daily prayers. :)

    Blessings and hugs your way,

  15. Rooster: Lord and Master of the Glen? Thanks for sharing dreamy photos.

  16. These pictures make me yearn even more for the land. I feel so far removed. I'm a country boy now living as a suburbanite, and I'm just not happy with it. Where you live is beautiful.

  17. My favourite part of your blog is when you show some of the random photographs you have taken. You have a great appreciation for the world around you. It's inspiring.


  18. I just saw that Elijah has passed on.
    Please give my condolences to Lydia...

    Kent Earles

    1. Oh my gosh, what a sad loss. He was a magnificent dog. I hadn't picked this up until you mentioned it. Thanks for letting me know.

      - Patrice

  19. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I regularly follow both your blogs, and I agree it is a terrible loss. I was not sure if you kept in touch much since they moved back to sunny CA.

    Thank you for all you do, keep up the good work!
    (and of course cherish Lydia, as I know you do)
    Life is too short for our faithful companions.


    Kent Earles

    1. We keep in touch about once every couple month and I catch up on their blog every other week or so. I just can't believe that big beautiful dog is gone. Makes me wanna hug Lydia.

      - Patrice