Tuesday, March 19, 2013

If you don't like the weather....

Remember the old adage, "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes" -- ? Well, yesterday was that kind of day.

It was windy. And calm. And snowy. And rainy. And hailing. And sunny. And cloudy. And broody. And cheerful. In short, we had the absolutely gamut. "I actually kinda like this kind of weather," said Older Daughter. "It's got personality."

That it has. For most of the day the wind shrieked and though the temp rose to 35F, it was bitterly cold (wind chill factor).

Incoming squall. See the mountain over there? Neither do I. It's totally obliterated.

Nor could we see the hills to the west of us -- also totally obliterated by incoming snow/hail.

Here's the curtain of snow, moving toward us.

Within seconds of taking the above photo, the pellety snow hit us.

The neighbor's horses kicked up their heels and ran for shelter.

We got hammered -- hard -- for about five minutes.

Within two minutes after the squall passed -- I'm not kidding -- the sun peeked through the scudding clouds.

Another incoming squall. The wind practically knocked me over while taking these photos.

A weird mix of sunshine and threatening clouds.

Sunshine in the foreground, retreating clouds in the background to the north.

Another squall moving to the west.

It soon came our way.

Another moment of sunshine, yet another squall moving in, same shrieking wind.

By late afternoon, the squalls finally blew away.

We even had a pretty sunset.

Lydia sat in the yard and literally watched the sun go down.

Only after the sun went down did the howling freezing wind finally cease.

And today it's sunny and calm. Go figure.


  1. Wow, beautiful photos and it's the same way with Ohio weather! :)

  2. Just beautiful. Signaling the change of seasons for sure.

  3. The photos and descriptions reminded me of the labor of giving birth and the joy afterward, the huge contrast between the two.

    Beautiful photo essay, Patrice.


  4. Patrice,


    The weather up there in Idaho is fascinating. It was 94 degrees here in South Texas yesterday and Im already blasting the refrigerated A/C. The houses here are built to dissapate heat. Up there I guess its the opposite.
    If I ever move up there to that part of planet, I would be wearing a parka in July.

  5. That is crazy! Love the photos though. The beginning of spring is the time for weird weather. Just last week we had some beautiful 50 degree days and just last night we got over a foot of snow.

  6. We live off Hwy 200 next to MT, and watched the 2nd squall come up through the river valley. As we watched, lightning flashed and the thunder boomed, and then it started to snow those ice pellets. First time I have experienced thunder snow. Very cool!

  7. We live off Hwy 200 next to MT, and saw that squall come up the river valley. As we watched it, lightning flashed and thunder boomed, and then it started snowing ice pellets. First time I have experienced thunder snow. Very cool!

  8. zone5productions


    We had a thundersnow down here back in Christmas 2004 in South Texas. It snowed two inches and shut the area down. Yeah' two inches....

    It was nuts....