Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Pickling tip

A reader just sent in the following:

"I’m not sure how best to share this. My wife ran across this on Facebook from user Yummy Best Recipes - 🚨Just a little warning for all who are canning pickles or anything using vinegar.

This year you cannot just grab a plastic jar of vinegar or even pickling vinegar without checking the label. Safe pickling requires 5% acidity....for the first time we are seeing 4% acidity vinegar... on the shelves. That renders anything pickled in the 4% NOT shelf stable. There are several canning FB pages where everyone is warning ...for the first time ever...to check those labels or you could be throwing out many jars of unsafe pickled veggies.

I thought you might like to share."

Thank you, dear reader! The warning is confirmed in this article.

I'm not overly fond of pickled foods and don't do any pickling myself, so I was unaware of this issue. Be safe while pickling!


  1. I noticed the change when shopping at WallyMart last fall. I couldn't figure out why their GreatValue 1-gallon vinegar was so much cheaper than the name brand. Then I saw the very tiny print that said 4% acidity. Be safe everyone. SJ now in California

  2. I am the same, never pickle anything, and I rarely eat pickles. But, I am appalled that this happened with no warning.

  3. This started for us a couple years ag o at a mom and pop store. I accidentally bought a 4%. What I'm doing now is using that cheaper 4% for cleaning and other things. But the other day I grabbed vinegar from the shelf at home to do cleaning and used 5%, forgetting my strategy.
    I think different products at home should be stored according to use when confusion enters the picture.
    So the 4%, if you buy it, should be stored with cleaning.
    Some recipes call to dilute the 5% vinegar essentially when you add water. With some math skills it's doable, just a pain, to use the 4% and get the right volume of liquid.

  4. For those who don't understand they do NOT want anyone to be able to self support in any manner and they keep closing the door more and more on all aspects of country self sustaining ways of life., This is NOT a conspiracy it is a fact.

  5. I always thought vinegar was 7%. Where'd I get that idea?

  6. My homemade A/C vinegar tested at 6%. I haven't run across any 4% commercial vinegar.