Thursday, June 13, 2024

Nest-building mode

A western kingbird landed on our deck a few days ago.

While these birds are common, I've never seen one land on our deck. Soon it became apparent he (or she) was in nest-building mode. Notice the white feather in its beak.

What was comical – and I couldn't quite snatch a photo of it – was how strongly the bird was eyeing the tattered outdoor carpet on the deck.

I half expected to see the bird return and try to fray the edges and harvest some threads, but it hasn't returned since. Presumably it found another source of soft fluffy materials to use in its nest.

Ah, spring.


  1. We enjoy watching nesting birds pick up the hair on the ground from brushing our dog. One mans trash type stuff

  2. I have a Golden Retriever and in the spring I take the hair from brushing him and put it in an old suet feeder for the birds to gather for nests. I refill it a couple of times over a period of a few weeks. I love to think of those baby birds all snuggly in my sweet dogs hair.