Friday, May 10, 2024

Variations on a theme

One of the most common birds we get at the bird feeder are evening grosbeaks.

They're showy, quarrelsome birds. The males are very handsome in a "tuxedo" sort of way.

They show up by the dozens.

But once in a while we get a variation on the grosbeak theme, and welcome a black-headed grosbeak. They're rare visitors. One showed up the other day when it was gray and rainy, and I grabbed a few pix.

Interestingly, except for the thick finch beak, I find black-headed grosbeaks very similar in pattern and coloration to an east-coast bird, the Baltimore oriel. Go figure.

(Here's a Baltimore oriel.)

At any rate, I enjoyed this little guy until he decided to flutter off to parts unknown.


  1. Hey, I grew up in "Balmer" and that's an Oriole, not a bay window. :-)

  2. I really enjoy the nature and birds that come into my garden too. I've tried to create a friendly environment for birds and they are just fascinating to watch.