Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Camouflage art, come to life

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, an artist named Bev Doolittle suddenly exploded in popularity on the art scene.

Her paintings are beyond cool. Mostly western-themed, she specializes in "camouflage art," such as her most famous painting called "Pintos":

Or here's one called "Doubled Back":

I mention her work because the other day, we saw our very own Bev Doolittle scenario.

This is a small grove of black hawthorn trees we have on the edge of our property.

We were walking on the road when I noticed something unusual in the rocks at the base of the trees.

Here's a closeup.

Camouflage art, come to life. I see how Bev Doolittle gets her inspiration.

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  1. My first thought when beginning to read this was about kitties I've had, then there you end on kitty-flage!

    I used to have some dark brown kitties with black "points", whose mom was a siamese. Their daddy was solid gray so I'm not sure how they turned out so beautifully.
    Anyway, soot kept appearing throughout the house, then one day I caught them wallowing in the ashes of the burn pile, and the mystery was solved.
    An orange kitty before them always rolled in the reddish, orange dirt.
    I think the moral of this story is pets should match the inside of your house if possible, or you may have to re-do things to match them!
    Just joking.
    White animals will roll in anything, especially dogs.
    But I loved that pinto picture!