Thursday, May 30, 2024

Second honeymoon, Day 8

So there we were, holed up for two nights in Gunnison. I had to work my online job on Saturday, so Don kinda bounced around, a little bored.

The reason we were in Gunnison, however, is he had a beloved aunt and uncle who spent many years living in that pretty town. They've long since passed away, but he has fond memories of visiting their home. He did some online research, trying to remember where their house might be. He couldn't find the house, but – unexpectedly – he found their graves. More remarkably, the cemetery was located – literally – right next to the motel in which we were staying!

So while I worked, he went to pay his respects to his Uncle Carol and Aunt Jeanne.

His Uncle Carol died in 1978, long before I met Don, but I remember his Aunt Jeanne very well. She was a world traveler and an extraordinarily sweet and kind woman. Later in the afternoon, after I finished work, we both returned to the cemetery so I could see where they rested.

We spent the late afternoon exploring the town. The college graduation had occurred a week or two earlier, so the town had something of an empty feel to it. Still, the parts we saw were tidy and charming – and not without a sense of humor.

We went into an extraordinary thrift store – more of a consignment store, really – and spent a happy hour exploring everything from the classy to the quirky.

Afterward we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner which was cheerful and with great food. We did notice a family there before us, though, where they didn't do too great a job in keeping their kids under control. Oh well, it takes all kinds.

And this, dear readers, was all we did on Saturday. Our Sunday – Day 10 of our trip – was a bit more exciting. Stay tuned!


  1. Did I miss Day 8?


    1. No, I just mis-labled the post. Corrected now. Sorry about that!

      - Patrice

  2. Hahaha! I'm glad i didn't miss out, thank you!