Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Signs of spring

Despite being in the middle of a chilly spell (windy, scattered rain, high of 50F), spring is indisputably here. One of the surest signs is the blossoming of the arrow-leaf balsamroot.

These large, showy blooms prefer shallow soil and sunny south-facing slopes. During this time of year, they positively carpet meadows and light up distant hillsides with color.

Another sign is deer. They're everywhere. I mean, deer are always "everywhere" here, but this time of year they're more "everywhere" than usual, if you know what I mean.

No fawns yet, though. It's too early for that.

the oak trees are starting to bud.

But the surest sign of spring? Turkeys.

Yes, the toms are strutting, and you never saw a more puffed-up crowd of self-absorbed grandees than these boys. I mean, they know they're hot stuff.

They always look so affronted when interrupted, glaring at you before closing down their feathers and slinking away.

I caught this fellow displaying below our deck. I was trying to sneak up without him noticing.

He may have noticed me, but he had better things to do. There were ladies present.

The ladies, however, didn't seem overly impressed. (They never do.) They soon wandered off, with our boy trotting in their wake.

Undeterred, he followed them down to the road and commenced displaying again. I admired his persistence.

Despite my poking fun at the toms, and however indifferent the hens may seem, evidently it works. You can bet we'll have lots and lots of baby turkeys trotting around in a few weeks.

Ah, spring.


  1. Yes signs of spring are always so welcome. Our daffodils are blooming and all the ornamental fruit trees are in bloom. Love the hillsides covered with arrow-leaf balsamroot. Thanks for sharing

  2. I love hearing ya'll talking about spring.
    Here in the south, hopefully the nasty pollen has passed, but probably not. Everything is nasty with it at my house and it's yellowish brown. I started to wash my vehicle recently, and my neighbor said "I wouldn't", meaning too soon. It'll be dirty again in no time.

    It's warm, too warm inside and out, and the AC is on.
    Blueberries are ripening, other stuff is growing, snakes are out, and it feels like an early summer again.
    However, yesterday, there was a bunch of gobbler racket out back, so I guess something is in sync with ya'lls distinct seasons.
    Here, it's almost time to pressure wash everything.

  3. SW Idaho here. Bunnies playing tag and quail in pairs instead of flocks out back.

  4. Honeysuckle perfume all over my place in Alabama! Wild blackberries ripening!