Sunday, April 21, 2024

Alternative strawberries

Our strawberries are starting to bloom.

We don't expect ripe fruit for a while yet, but it's yet another sure sign of spring.

At her European duty station, Younger Daughter has a balcony off her apartment where she keeps a few potted strawberry plants. Interestingly, though, many of the flowers aren't white.

Some are light pink.

Some are dark pink.

Some are dark red.

And yes, some are white.

They're all strawberries – she regularly gets fruit – but I have no idea why the blossoms vary in color to such a degree. Does anyone know?


  1. With just a quick look - a popular seed catalog showed Ruby Ann, Tristan, and Summer Breeze to have red blossoms.

  2. Here in Europe people usually want balcony variety strawberries to be decorative, too. Many ladies like pink... That is why they have bred pink and red strawberry flowers.

  3. Are these the Fort Laramie strawberries you were raving about last year? I planted a bunch of them but did not get any fruit last year. They have blossomed this spring so I'm hopeful.

    1. Ours are the Fort Laramie strawberries, yes. I don't know what variety Younger Daughter has, though.

      - Patrice