Sunday, April 14, 2024

Sick (sniffle cough)

I'm sick.

I blame this very bad head cold on Don, who got it first and felt absolutely lousy for a few days. It was inevitable that I should get it next.

It's the usual head cold symptoms: scratchy throat, cough, sniffles, watery eyes, pounding head, bad sleeping. Don is on the mend, but I'm in the thick of it.

Ironically, the weather for the past few days has been gorgeous: sunny, warm, just begging us all to spill outdoors and get some spring projects done, especially since temperatures are dropping again starting tomorrow.

But Don is still recovering his strength and can't do much yet, and – as I mentioned – currently I'm in the thick of it, so it's hard to take advantage of the beautiful day.

So, to compromise, I did some writing outdoors. This allowed me to take advantage of the beautiful weather while still being productive. (I'm almost at the halfway mark for NaNoWriMo, so I gotta keep writing no matter how lousy I feel.) 

This too shall pass. Don's already feeling quite a bit better. I figure I have another day or two. Poor Older Daughter, though; she just came out and announced she has a scratchy throat. The next victim is chosen.


  1. But you live like recluses. Did someone in the family go to town and get it first? I live in a Arizona resort for snowbirds. We just a couple thousand of us, are constantly getting together in groups. Last night a little over 100 of us had a potluck for someone's 80th birthday. Getting a cold or worse is normal all the time all year long. I can't decide if it's all worth it or not. Of course the other side of that is we also all talk through the grapevine when a fire truck/ambulance comes into the gated community and someone gets taken to the hospital. I think given the choice I would prefer to live as you do.

    1. Well, we're not THAT reclusive (smile). Don thinks he got the cold from our mechanic, a cheerful sociable fellow who interacts with a lot of people due to the nature of his work.

      - Patrice

  2. My husband & I just got over the cold. He gave it to me & he ended up worse than me. Debbie in MA

  3. Take the opportunity to open your house up and air it out. It'll warm back up pretty quick, and getting rid of all the stale air from winter will be good for you. More oxygen, clean air. Maybe Don will do that for you this time since he's on the mend and the womenfolk are down.
    I've had some of the same symptoms, but there's tons of nasty pollen everywhere and I'm giving it the blame.

    Speaking of that pollen, antihistamines and antidepressants are now being linked to memory loss as we age. Is there ever any drug that solves a problem without making things somehow worse? Oh, for the bliss of ignorantly trusting whoever made antihistamines (which I long for), instead of struggling to learn alternative solutions to things pharms used to cover.

  4. First of I'll say we live similar to you and Don, remote only we have very little interaction as we have no close neighbors only exposure to town normally a couple of times a month. BUT for the last 15 years my herbalistic wife has made us a elderberry elixir that we take one teaspoon full in the morning when the normal flu and cold season starts. we have not had colds or flu in those years. I did contract (the wife did not get it) the original covid in Dec 2019 (another story) but it was not bad it did take me a few weeks to totally get over it and later we found out some of the herbs we take probably stopped her from getting it and lessened the impact on me. The elderberry she makes comes from our local trees which are black elderberry which is the type that works. Bottom line is there are many things that help or stop or lesson flu's and colds that you can make at home. we live in the high NM mtns.

  5. If I were in your shape, I would be avoiding fresh air because of pollen! I do hope you get better soon.

  6. I second the elderberry syrup/tonic, I prefer the runnier tonic, easier for kids to take. My dad's family swore by it. I use berries from the native Idaho variety. I take 1 Tablespoon every day and if sick, several a day. Worked retail for years and rarely had a cold. Whole family had covid at the start, barely noticed. If you don't have any, plant a few plants, should be all over the place in the woods.